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  1. Eltoria

    ENJOY THE VIDEO GUYS! Which one shall I do next? xx

  2. Ashleigh James

    The way she says serum has me dying 😂

  3. ZoeyGlitter

    Awww your jumper looks so cosy and cute! 🐾😊 💕🌸

  4. hayleigh davies

    As a No7 Advisor, I'm so glad you love the calendar 😍

  5. Jade

    Always the same products so boring I’m glad I watched Eltoria and didn’t waste my money this year

  6. Teigan-Rhys xoxo

    Love watching your videos! 💓💓

  7. Ava B

    Can you review the olivia hale advent calendar it is only 14 pounds👍🏻😀

  8. Bradley Harker

    Be fast get the Debenhams 2019 advent calendar for £45 here is the details….Debenhams Advent Calendar for £45 with any other beauty item – e.g Advent Calendar + Mac refill palette for £42.75 delivered – hotukdeals

  9. Angie Freyne

    Hi there i got this most of it is amazing i was puzzled about the serum i didn't get that at all this is my 1st advent calendar i don't like the lipstick because there do not suite me at all pink colour i give it ago if i don't like it i will give it to my niece she be love it i will get another next year i hope there put in a red colour that my favourite colour or a of colour plum colour that be great i like the skin care that's amazing i will use that up at my age at 48 i am started to see the horriblei wrinkles and lines comeing through so ya i happy with that

  10. KBEAST Barton

    Still trying to decide which one I should get !!!

  11. Victoria Robinson

    Maybe they had to stay under a certain weight? The voucher is probably a tool to get people back in the store to buy more.

  12. kelsey beach

    Hope you are feeling better soon ❤ I've just got rid of my cold 😭

  13. Amy Rose

    Can I plz win xoxo

  14. Ellis Kinsella

    i hope i could win the advent calendar xx

  15. carys

    I didn't get the point of the voucher 😬

  16. Paige Gordon

    The lash serum might not have been in there because they're highly regulated throughout most of the world, so it's probably easier to send it in bulk than to have to declare each calendar to customs

  17. 23dejanira

    I didn't get any information about calendar No7 but I was waiting……:(…but I get calendar La mer in this year, so I am happy:)

  18. Penny Estes

    Love your videos!!!!

  19. Agnieszka Michalak

    I agree, they should have just put the Lash Serum into the calendar :/ the voucher is only good when you can choose colour of something as you said yourself… have a great day!

  20. Vaishnavi Vipin

    OMG yes ! I have been so excited and was hoping you were going to review no7 ! Love your look 😍 you look so gorgeous 🤩

  21. Natalie Woods

    My guess as to why you get a voucher is either cos it's out of stock or they are using it as a way to get you to their shop! And hopefully buy more when you are there xx

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