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  1. Илина Велкова

    This video was sent to my husband! Send prayers for me, please! 🤷‍♀️🤪 I miss the funny parts at the end of the video after the “fin”. 😎🤣😘

  2. Marisa Bernardes

    This silk mask is definitely in my wish list!

  3. Rusty LeAnn

    I have that makeup bag and omg I want another one lol

  4. Cathy McCarthy

    Great suggestions Andrea. 💗 I almost bought the Foreo UFO when it was released on Kickstarter. The only thing that stopped me was that you would have to keep buying the masks. I still think it’s a great idea. 🥰 Love the jewellery – very 90’s.


    Your discount code for the Riki mirror is invalid 🙁



  7. Nathyyy

    The Riki mirror code for 15% off isn’t working ☹️ or is it just me?

  8. bakingaddict *

    Who lives in a world where you find it necessary to spend nearly 300 bucks on a cream?! Even if I found it in my heart to spend this kind of money on something as trivial as this, wouldn’t my consciousness stop me? We live in the real world. Let’s love beauty and makeup AND be responsible about it. ❤️

  9. Lovlilayla

    Tutorial this look! Gorgeous!!

  10. paula xoxo

    Your MakeUp is gorgeous 😍 Please excuse my question, did you get fresh face and lip fillers?

  11. Een Kwestie van Berlijn

    Thank you!

  12. Ballroomdiva

    Thanks Andreea I took immediate advantage of your offer on the mirror, and even taking international shipping( 25 dollars ) it is still a better deal than in the U.K. I got mirror and bag for £145. .00. really love your videos but very rarely comment..but I had to say thank you. Xxx

  13. Marina Portmann

    Such a beautiful look!!

  14. Omy Sahye

    Andrea Pls show me how you did this make up you have today, it s gorgeous. I want it for my everyday look Plsssssss

  15. Aleks Honey

    Wow , you look more beautiful than ever !!Skin sooo radiant and all the appearance just gorgeous !🐙🌸💮🏵️🌺🌹🌻🍀🍀🔝🔝✔️✔️✔️

  16. xarisgogos

    I love your makeup look today 😍 it looks amazing but so effortless at the same time. if you could do a video about it . I think it's suitable for a special occasion 🥰😘❤

  17. Μαρία Λυγκα

    You are so beautiful in this video ….

  18. Isabelle Boisson

    Merci pour cette belle liste. Je vais envoyer le lien de la vidéo à tous ceux qui sont susceptibles de me faire un cadeau 🤣🤣🤣

  19. Jamie Patton

    Love this video!!

  20. Roberta Amelio

    Hi Andreea, you're always so chic, so "French"!

  21. Dana Cohen

    Andreea have toy tried the la roche posay lipkar balm. TRUST! Saved my eczema

  22. Kawshali Hanangalaarachchi

    Hey. Can u please do a tutorial for tan or deep skin? Thank you. And love u andreaa

  23. claudia weyne

    can you do a make up tutorial like your in this video? love it!

  24. Tulbure Regina

    Oh, this is so useful!😍

  25. Heekyung Swierczynski

    I will send this video to my husband who‘s struggling sooooo much with finding a ‚right‘ gift for his wife (never successful tho) 😂😂 thank you andreea and love you so so much ❤️

  26. Marilyn Navarro

    I would love a zoeva makeup brush set…… you say that it is more affordable (always the byword in my household)…..I will put this video on loop so maybeee my family gets the hint 😅

  27. Jackie Klettke

    Would you do a tutorial on the makeup you are wearing? Thanks for the suggestions Andrea!

  28. 16Zefir

    I’m loving in your videos 🥰

  29. jane swanson

    Yes please do a tutorial on your makeup. Beautiful!

  30. songs only

    tutorial tutorial tutorial tutorial plzzzzz 🥺

  31. Candy Hernandez

    Hi Andrea 🌹

    Thank you so much for all these ideas, they are amazing 😍😍😍

    Andrea, can you please do a tutorial on the beautiful makeup you have on…I love it!!! Please 🌹

  32. Belinda Shanle

    Love all recommendations. Part 2 to see the rest would be good. And yes lets see a tutorial on your makeup look!

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