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  1. Mr. Velocity

    Pecos Hank…..the David Attenborough…of storm chasing.

  2. Fireworks and thunder

    Unbelievable beautiful video!

  3. TruthHerald - R MICALLEF

    Beautiful work👊🏻🇺🇸

  4. RC-swiss made oiladditive


  5. SLR Mod Shop

    In Europe, we have rain and occasional lightning… Europe is boring af

  6. Anjana Sudam Hewamanne

    Storms hire Pecos to do the narration.

  7. CrypticSoul

    Always like before watch as every video is amazing! Thanks

  8. Cork Camden

    Hank, we here in Virginia, enjoy `your presentations, your personality and your knowledge of your subject. You are the Shelby Foote of meteorology. Delightful, Pecos Hank! Regards and More Regards,
    Va. Cork, et al

  9. SG TV


  10. WhatTheHawk38

    Where were you when I took atmospheric science in college? I failed that class. lol

  11. Ste's stuff

    Incredible but I think I nearly had a seizure at 4.05. Seriously mesmerizing footage

  12. Talathia Alhazred

    I think my favorite kind of thunderstorm is the ones in the fall. When they drastically change the temperature- signaling of the colder days to follow. I'll be standing on my deck watching it across the creek- a gust of wind hits me and it chills me to the bone, like a sign to say farewell to summer, and that winter is coming ;).

  13. Panspermia Hunter

    Fantastic video, thanks.

  14. ODD-one out n about

    biblical even though most won't believe. Luke 21:11-31 next fireballs entering earth's atmosphere as the heliospheric shield weakens

  15. Banana-Kat C:

    Once, I was at my friend’s house for a party, we saw a wall cloud when we were outside. All of the kids and adults had to get in Asap. No tornadoes, just a storm. Phew!

  16. Sir Fox Gaming

    Wow wow wow. This is some of the most astonishing imagery on yotube Ive ever seen.

  17. Guzu B

    Why sprite…. why not coke??

  18. Jim Sauer

    Amazing content, beautiful editing!

  19. mohamad Rasti

    Wow great vid

  20. JESSE B

    Now this is truly worth watching 👀

  21. Rosolino Lo Sciuto

    Il meglio dello spettacolo della "natura" deve ancora iniziare siete riusciti ad entrare in tempo reale

  22. Timur Spiridonova

    Is there any way you could publish this song for all of us to enjoy separately?

  23. Daniel Halkett

    Wow that's some beautiful filming. Always enjoy your videos very impressive 👍

  24. J Grove

    wish this video was done without music.

  25. RagnarökBefriareOchDöd88

    Awesome Video, thanks for share 👍🏼

  26. Joseph Williams

    Wow beautiful footage!

  27. Shiny Promises

    found a hidden gem channel

  28. Al Lada

    Around here if you don't like the weather wait 5 minuets. You will like it even less.

  29. KinToTheWind

    If a person is aware and pays attention the electromagnetism plays with the hair on the beard, on the body, people with hair on their arms can sense it without even looking or legs Etc.

  30. tknoerle1451

    What a great series of awesome video clips… and a great series of explanations! Thanks Pecos Hank!!

  31. K. Tucker

    ive seen sprites and there really cool

  32. Zoe Tayy

    last tornado i was sitting in my dads closet crying with a helment and 7 pillows over me how tha hell-

  33. Wintertime

    Is there any way I can get this song remix? Just instrumental, without any vocal.

  34. Soaring Hawk

    The sky is God's canvas

  35. Zyra L. F.

    Annoying music drowns out the storms, hate it when one needs to mute a video.

  36. "I'm Batman"

    I can't help but praise God and the Lord Jesus Christ when I watch these, they display the Awesome Power of the living God ✝️🙏✡🦁

  37. jaanu2222

    Wonderful locations amazing footage

  38. Vεδετλ : NANI !!

    beautiful and scary at the same time

  39. James Stevens

    You actually got footage of red sprites from the ground? That’s amazing!
    This is one of the all-time best storm videos I’ve seen. So beautiful!

  40. sheeba harry

    Wow just a glimpse of Jesus's return may be 2percent of it 😊

  41. jon pob

    Fantastic footage,i loved how you caught the lightning going up from earth,maybe you could take alook at this, it explains what your looking at in weather,storms,lightning etc,things are so simpler when you know everything is electric in nature

  42. Kal-El


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