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  1. Emily G

    Why do you ALWAYS cut off your head? I want to physically MOVE the camera up…. That being said: I adore you! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Pauline Marängen

    I love your videos, you are such an inspiring woman! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. thrill102

    DW documentary released a video a couple months ago regarding luxury goods and how they are made. Workers are exploited and underpaid. Watch the documentary so you are aware of which companies you are willing to support


  4. Lauren Holt

    Love that you mention sustainable beauty products and are asking brands to come out with refillable options 🙂

  5. silvana osullivan

    Romantic looks styles for valentines day I want to look like a princess.

  6. silvana osullivan

    Happy New Year can you show us a video of outfits for valentines day please I want to get inspiration fom you and your friend please something elegant and classy you know I will be looking forward to see the styles for valentines day

  7. Jane Spitnale

    Would you ever consider removing yourself from brands PR list’s to reduce the amount of products you receive?

  8. LadyGrace

    I just discovered I Was UNSUBSCRIBED To you.. I did NOT unsubscribe .. This is the second channel today that I discovered I was unsubscribed from. Adore your feminine style. Lovely bath products are one of my must have luxuries.

  9. Sheila Waltrip

    Really enjoyed your empties. Please do morr beauty videos this year

  10. Turkan Feyzullayeva

    You look better without tan❤️

  11. Martha P.

    You should read a bit more about your most expensive products – the ingredients aren’t the best and the over price , will never buy . Same like mario b . Etc I love Lancôme for taking care of my face skin , Vichy as Fundation and rituals for bath xo

  12. Jenn Danielle

    I recently started using ROC Skincare. In my teens I suffered from cystic acne and had extremely oily skin but in my late 20’s my skin got very dry to the point where it was uncomfortable and flaky. I tried so many brands but I never saw any improvement until I tried ROC. Definitely recommend their resurfacing disks and serum. 🥰

  13. val lowther

    Hello Josie from Vancouver! Being in Canada I am not sure what the first type of product it is that you use on your face before make up removal. Something about mysilla (?) water. Please explain. Lol!

  14. ejsgirl129

    Thanks to you I have tried Elemis and I'm so glad I did! I use the Gentle Rose Exfoliator followed by the Rehydrating Rosepetal Cleanser. Then the Fresh Deep Hydration face cream to moisturize. Thank you, thank you!

  15. Watermelon Gal

    I'm impressed you used so many products! I am working on using what I have every day. I am always feeling tempted to get new products but I will just write them down to try for the future. Great job Josie!

  16. Μαρια Μπουτελ

    <3 <3 <3

  17. Manteli Maria

    About the refillable products. I believe it was EU that prohibited using refillable detergents, because of the liability problems. A shop nor the company it self can't be sure that people won't mix products and can cause harm to people and property.

  18. TorontoCRG

    Happy new year Josie! Like a previous viewer’s comment I also use the reusable soft cloth makeup erasers. I was sceptical at first but was amazed at how well they remove makeup with only water. The only thing I sometimes have trouble with is waterproof mascara but then I only need a little bit of micellar water to remove what remains. Then my second cleanse removes everything but there usually isn’t much left after using the cloth. I also love using lavender scented Epsom salts in my bath to relieve sore muscles. The magnesium in the salt absorbs through the skin to heal the muscles and it smells lovely too. 💖

  19. Noel Chan

    what did you get for christmas?


    You are my rolemodel❤️❤️❤️✔️✨

  21. Matilda Martin

    Very informative!!!***❤️❤️❤️❣️❣️❤️❣️❤️🇬🇧🇬🇧🇺🇸🇺🇸

  22. Bradina Braxton

    I love your fashion videos, But I'll be watching what ever you do. I love your content

  23. Sherry A

    Does the Redken shampoo smell as bad as the rest of the purple shampoos

  24. The truth Is good

    Doesn’t uk have recycle garbage bin collection? We have 3 bins in Sydney. Greens for food waste, recycling and normal garbage bin that is small n is collected fortnightly.

  25. jasmine cheong

    Where do you buy your reusable cotton pad from?
    What is your go-to for drugstore deep hydration dry skin moisturiser for winter?
    Do you moisturize before makeup and after cleansing and toning?

  26. Courtney Cox

    I’ve just recently switched to using the FaceHalo makeup remover pad/cloth. It’s amazing and they say it lasts ages!! Around 200 uses I believe. And you can pop it in the wash.

  27. susan johnson

    Josie 🐬 darling, T Y for reminding us to consider how we dispose of our beauty empties!! Actually, you can 'spiel on' about any sustainable options every time you learn of & want to share!! We, your community are on board!!! Trinny Woodall is my contemporary & an internationally known 'fashion aficianado' who's direct & honest w/her tribe of followers when it comes to fabric content being real or fake/flammable & whether or not they're worth the purchase!! Fast fashion must get on board or vanish!! Trashing the planet is not fashionable… We all can become smarter about our options…

  28. Along Came Abby

    That jumper and headband are absolutely stunning on you! Perfect combination! You are my favorite, Josie! So elegant and positive.

  29. tracey marshall

    This makes me so sad that so many animals are treated so badly in the name of "fashion"…does nobody care about animals in fashion??? This to me is far from "luxury". It makes me so sad. https://www.bbc.com/news/av/magazine-36135834/inside-a-russian-fur-farm

  30. tracey marshall

    My fashion Q&A is based on a comment in your previous video so it must not be a surprise: what is your thoughts on animals and clothing? Does cruelty free clothing interest you? Are you bothered by companies that use fur in their clothes? Would you avoid companies that use fur or you dont mind? Does it bother you that even a "luxury" brand uses fur from China, even if it has been found out by undercover? Does it bother you that leather handbags are made in italy by low paid Senegal people who have little to no safety training? I dont think "luxury" guarantee good ethics. In fact I see new looks and penneys have vegan animal cruelty free sections – they seem to be leading the way

  31. anoo j

    can you please do fashion trends for 2020

  32. Jessica Mcqueen

    You can try Lush for Naked (zero waste) products Josie! 🙂 All of their plastic is "non-virgin" (recycled) plastic too. Even if we can all just swap some of our cosmetic products, every little makes a difference ❤

  33. Julia M

    oh I absolutely love the pink jumper you're wearing but it is so expensive … :(((((

  34. Hubbard Adventures

    The liz Earle has been my favourite – I actually started using it from watching one of your videos last year and it inspired me to try them. I love them – have just done my nighttime routine and have the overnight mask with resurrecting plant in it 🙂 as makes my skin feel amazing! Thank you for your recommendations and your fabulous content x

  35. Kaidi-Kerli Kärner

    Hey, Josie! Could you please recommend where to buy Redken Blondage shampoo in London? It is not available in Boots. They don’t sell the blondage series where I live and I am coming to London soon. Last time I completely accidentally saw it in a salon window while walking in London. Don’t believe I will be this lucky this time around 😀 love the product as well and only found out about it thanks to you!

  36. Louise Barrie

    Can you share the places in London you know will recycle used product bottles? Thanks x


    Please do an what’s in my bag

  38. Heather Valentine

    I discovered DERMALOGICA (PRODERMAL range) about five years ago. I gradually replaced individual items and it gave my skin time to assimilate and adjust. I just love it. My skin has never looked so good. It is developed by the International Dermal Institute and all natural ingredients. I also have monthly beautician facials with this range and she uses the professional products. Wow!! It's all I use.

  39. Maria Kowalska

    love love from Poland 😉

  40. MsJodbug

    Thank you for introducing me to Caudalie! It's difficult to purchase most of the Caudalie range here in New Zealand, but I was able to find the grape water mist…just divine ❤️ I loved it so much that I popped one in my Mum's Christmas stocking and now she is hooked.

  41. Angella Walker

    Hi Josie. I really love to use Aveeno body lotion. I dont have a lot of favs and i dont use a lot of products. I am also trying to use cleaner products on my body. I love the bare mineral also. ❤

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