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  1. Juli Gannon

    Wes looks like a young Michael Palin lol

  2. th1smomentisfate

    The black lady paired with the Indian guy seems scripted. Happened in season 3 too lmao

  3. KillAll LanternfliesPlease

    Omg i was thinking of Napoleon dynamite too!! Bahahahaha i also like tyson c:

  4. omfglongbeach

    What the heck were these nerds doing before memes existed?

  5. Elizabeth Castanon

    Season one was so much better 💕

  6. Ryan Basilio

    I felt sorry for Josh.
    He was so nervous.
    Great effort to even walk out there to even face the girls.

  7. Семья Семья

    Sarah is dental assistant which requires BRAIN! What the heck is she doing in this show?

  8. Ben Pinkham

    yo chris sucks

  9. ReallyOrganic

    good for ANKAR.

  10. Overdosed Mia Wallace

    22:17 me as fuck lmao

  11. IamKnucks

    Thanks for filming the TV show with a toaster.

  12. kevin15chopper

    The two blondes are smoking HOT!!!!!!!!


    12:13 #DressWedgie

  14. a l l i s f u l l o f l o v e

    this concept is brilliant!!!

  15. Charlie C

    Tyson seems like a sweetheart. He seems to be open minded and is willing to learn and teach

  16. Charlie C

    Damn.. When Christopher brought that greeting card and showed what he wrote.. that just dropped the atmosphere down to the ground. That was so unexpected.

  17. Daniella Xo

    “Rock crushes paper” oh god there’s no hope…

  18. lil Jaymew

    I really like how some of these beautys choose some of these guys because they genuinely want to help the guy out.
    Kinda like
    "choose your starter pokemon"

  19. Sophie N

    Show isn’t the same without Rich.

  20. MeanJean noneofyabussiness

    8:03 okay Thais..You just told everyone you are a cheating whore thanks for the honestly…

  21. M¡m Stär

    Wes and Brandon. 😍😘

  22. Colleen Kyle

    Oh shit, I relate to this chick…

  23. K R D

    “Get your bags, Chris is taking us all on a power trip!” LMAO. I love Josh.

  24. Laura Lowery

    scripted for sure..told how to act and what to say on both sides for ratings. edited to specifics. bogus show. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.why would you want to look like a twat on purpose/ or be vain "OH YEAH TO GAIN more 5-minute fame and Money..( sad)or………………just actors

  25. cupcakexkx

    season 1 was the best

  26. S.T. Tiger

    Can I have Tyson, pLEASE

  27. space weirdo

    IQ of C ….. we reached new records XD

  28. Trisha Emde

    Awwwwww damn, I miss Brian McFayden! 😢

  29. Adassa Lagout

    some of them already look okay.

  30. Tianqi Zhu

    I was in Ankur's class in UCLA about robotics in 2017. I have no comment on him but I got a D- ! This video is just hilarious.

  31. Yeo-jin Kim

    Karl's giggle thing😂

  32. MICKIE Carreon

    I can relate to Josh so much. I too take meds for anxiety. Anyone else reading this have some kind of anxiety disorder?

  33. Harlequill

    The Indian guy said he didn't want someone "less intelligent" than him, yet he couldn't answer that simple question from his beauty. "What color are your shoes?" "Sneaker colored?" Really, dude?

  34. Audrey Rogers

    Tristan looks like Regina George

  35. SubjectRandom

    Less than halfway through and I'm feeling hopelessness about the girls. All beauty and no brains, but that's the whole point…..I know. Dear god.

  36. Peter Burman

    Chris is a raging butthole

  37. Peter Burman

    Can I please be partners with Sarah!?

  38. Ruthie

    Chris is rude.

  39. Amy Gregory

    I'm just confused why if you believe you look bad you'd purposely choose to have side burns?

  40. Amy Gregory

    Tyson and Brandon are the best looking out of them all for sure

  41. Salma Douah

    At least they got rid of that shitty host that was in season 1

  42. ZikaNtu N.

    I cracked up when Chris was like," im the most cut guy here," 😂😂

  43. laceylolbug S

    I am so glad I found this. I loved this show when it aired but only ever watched the first season.

  44. Warren G

    Oh gosh

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