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  1. Lovely May Cabrera

    I think you better stick with atleast one product that gives you the best result. Trying everything makes it even harder for you to look for the best product that will suit you. Just my opinion though. 😊

  2. Grey Guzman

    What brand of lip balm natural color do you recommend?? 😊

  3. Apple Suzanne Pajarillo

    I bought Nuxe oil X-years ago because of your recommendation! It was featured as one of your monthly favourite and I ordered it online right after I watched that episode! It's so good to know that you still have been using it years later. 🙂
    And yes, I loved it too!

  4. Kreeezzy2488 Santos

    Sept 29,2018 you uploaded a vlog with the Trio +Lissa in HK. OMG time flies so fast!!🤔😅1 year na sya agad😅😳

  5. Queen Hearty

    Lamer is ❤️

  6. Faith bruhahaha

    I do want to try Lamer and Estee Lauder because i have heard great reviews about their products. But, when you look at the price tag, cannot afford it. I can only go as high as like innisfree thats it. I cannot go as high as Lamer and Estee Lauder caliber.

  7. Marie Coleen

    Briogeo Dont Despair Repair, Bumbum Cream and Clinique Take The Day Off are my holy grailssss ♥️♥️♥️

  8. Harra Caballero

    You should do a quiz for us next time. 😄 "what do you think are my top 10 something . " Did guess 8 today. 🎉

  9. Juvie Rose Kitchen

    nice vlog miss beautiful im8n.the kitchen.i hope you try one of my cooking recipe

  10. Remi Lucine Viloria


  11. Rica De Erio

    SK-ii is like the pricey version of Thayers toner rose petal, they both have saliva-ish after smell gyud.

  12. R2K

    I love your besfrienship with Lissa. You really compliment each other because you both love to travel. And you guys are genuinely kind people.

  13. Juliette Ann Pareja

    kryz, please do a tutorial for this look. i love the pink eyes!

  14. Princess Renalie Murillo

    Love youuuu Ate Kryz!

  15. Life Of Neko

    Can i ask? I usually see pple buy products from amazon. Is it safe to buy skincare from net?

  16. mitchy bonita

    Makasuya jd nang lamer…ughh😑 permi lang me mo try sa rustans ana but we can't afford…hanggang pangarap ka nalang medyu super pricy talaga…but its worth it for ur skin..

  17. Julie

    I used LAMER too its really good but it's so expensive.

  18. The Weekend Cat

    I love your nails here!

  19. Jill Domingo

    Empties for drugstore ☺️ on next vlog

  20. cashieca amor

    I like your look

  21. Team B

    You should try the Nivea Caring Eye Makeup Remover 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  22. Arnie Tumbaga

    More of this pls 🤞 love it ❤️❤️❤️ also what is ur favorite sunscreen? I'm looking for a sunscreen ksi tnx

  23. missysabela

    Love the eye makeup!!

  24. Cyn Makeup

    Wow this is such a great idea. I subbed after this. Creative content Im here for it!


    Thank you for this Kryzie! This video really helpful and informative. More of this please. 😘

  26. Jerlyn De la Real

    SK-II contains paraben.. I used the dupe which is Missa Time Revolution The First Treatment essence.. The effects are similar, but the price and safety are very different..

  27. Marianne Flores

    Honestly , before I didn’t like Kryz Uy that much cause I thought she’s too maarte but as I watch her, I fall in love with her more! She’s so real, simple and beautiful! I even watch her ig stories regularly cause they’re just so enjoyable hehe

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