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  1. ProPoint Plastering & Building

    Beautiful, timeless.

  2. Michael Miller

    This is what a Legend looks like!

  3. Flibbertigibbet6

    Angela Lansbury is still a beautiful woman.

  4. anna mcfadden

    Beautiful as always. She reminds me of my great grandma…. because her show "Murder She Wrote" is the only show I remember she loved watching ❣❣❣❣

  5. emeraldvenus

    I've watched many of Dame Angela's films from the past. Such a beautiful talented actress and singer. Beauty and the Beast wouldn't be the same without Dame Angela as Mrs. Potts.

  6. Mary Randolph

    Ohhhhh. Angela Lansbury. I so love her!

  7. torober85


  8. soSAMuk's UK slot channel

    Angela Lansbury is a national treasure

  9. Tony Fussy

    I know she’s British but I think we can claim her as a national treasure here on our side of the pond ❤️

  10. stal1ng

    Phenomenal performance by a superb actress. Music for a magical Disney film delivered in a most real and authentic way. Bravo, Angela!

  11. Joshua STROUPE

    So beautiful! Such an amazing actress.

  12. Sarah Negroni

    I was fine until she said good night to Chip. 😭😭😭❤❤

  13. Tigerguy 101

    1:26 my body went completely numb with that choir hit and the rest with the back vocals

  14. Conselho tutelar

    lindo lindo parabéns pela canção

  15. Resident Nerd

    the voice — goosebumps…… my inner child is crying #AngelaLansbury

  16. TheMormonSorceress

    Did all my tithing money went toward onion chopping ninjas as well?

  17. Gerry

    Angela will always be Mrs. Potts. I've seen the new live version and it just wasn't the same without her.

  18. Cath Johnson

    Nobody else can touch her singing this 🥰

  19. Sekhametsi Seseng

    She is the one that makes Me to listen to this kind of music. I love her

  20. Gyumin Kim

    I love this song!

  21. Kaelynn Morgan

    Is she the real one…

  22. Louana Rose

    i am crying so bad! this made me so emotional of how beautiful, relaxing and magical her voice is. oh my God she is a sweetheart!

  23. kejian yu


  24. Vang Vang

    Rip Angela Lansbury we will always love you

  25. Lucia Richardson

    the character in her voice, so rich.

  26. Richelle Tangiia


  27. Paileulu sei Seiuli

    I. always love her voice I feel at peace hearing her magical sounds.even tho it’s been an old video

  28. Rowi Lee

    I am crying now…that was so beautiful

  29. Margaret Cronin

    Just one word . . . . . CLASS.

  30. brice fontaine

    Je vous aime beaucoup Angela Lansbury

  31. ILoveallthegirls1

    I'm a grown as man crying over Jessica Fletcher, either I need to get a grip or just accept something's will never change.

  32. Stefan Markwort


  33. Maritza Dillingham


  34. Mommy Rodriguez

    This brought me to tears shes amazing

  35. Glory Grace K.

    The one, the ONLY, Mrs. Potts!!! And the only of the song version in my book. Makes me feel warm and secure when I hear her sing!

  36. Gerry

    Angela Lansbury has had a wonderful history of acting, but I will remember her as the teapot. Don't think anyone could have done it better.

  37. Mia

    L e g e n d

  38. OrganicSwagg

    My favorite song

  39. Diane Corcoran

    Angela Lansbury is amazing ! What a comfortable blanket she puts around the world!

  40. John Robertson

    Doing my yearly check in.

  41. Lina Santos

    Amo esta música, e em especial esta sra …o coro como sempre maravilhoso! ♥️💜💙💚💛❤️

  42. Janice Longthorn

    Wonderful x

  43. David Goss

    This woman brings joy wherever she goes. Everybody loves her.

  44. Mario z


  45. slashdisco

    Dame Angela Lansbury originated this role, as she did many others. She originated Mrs Lovett in Sweeney Todd. She originated Mame in Auntie Mame. She starred as Gypsy Rose Lee in Gypsy. This is quite apart from her Oscar-worthy performances in Gaslight and The Manchurian Candidate. This is a woman who gave us our childhoods in Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Even before Beauty and the Beast, Dame Angela Lansbury was a Disney legend. She most recently appeared in Mary Poppins Returns.

    Dame Angela Lansbury, at 93 years old, is one of the finest representations of Disney. Long may she continue to serve.

  46. Giuliana CR

    This is beautiful 😭💖💖💖💖

  47. tim w

    Her singing of this song is just magical.

  48. Erika Sanchez

    Que ermosa senora

  49. Mily Alvarez

    She's literally the teapot!

  50. Matthew Styles

    There is no one like her and there never ever will be. An absolute icon ❤️

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