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  1. M N

    Tyler and Ryan are fantastic! !

  2. Tita sofia Rodriguez

    I’m dying !!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. PrincessPro GamerXX

    Omg this is beautiful D;

  4. beyondmystery

    The kind of version Ariana Grande & John Legend should have sung. Great cover!

  5. Vania Elizabeth Espinoza

    You deserve more views

  6. fujimoto san


  7. Currently Depressed

    Your voice so freakin' beautiful
    I love it…. Im going to subscribe now

  8. JazzGarcelle Sings

    This is beautiful Jenna

  9. it is cloud

    Omg this sounds like the orchestral version on the trailer. luv this sm

  10. Lucy Mburu

    please do a cover of Leave Me Lonely by Ariana Grande♡ xx

  11. Pichu Galica

    Omg!! that was amazing 😍😍 you sing beautifully !!! Greetings from Spain … Ole ole y ole como cantas cariño ! 👏👏💙💙

  12. Mariale SD

    jenna this is so beautiful!!!! 😍❤️ I would like to hear you singing Baby I won't

  13. Maria Hustiac

    OMG you Sound like Ariana😍

  14. Bea Kiara

    u sound like ariana but way better no offense to her but i luv hearing ur voice! my hands hurt after clicking replay for a long time XD

  15. Moon Light


  16. fenjaa a

    jenna come back😣 where are you?

  17. Amelia-Kirsty Marshal

    this is amazing you look different with straight hair and your vocals are fantastic xxx

  18. Trixie Anne Diores

    I love it 😍

  19. Danielle

    He sucks

  20. MegaTalentedsingers

    well done

  21. Jaxon Long

    Just subscribed omg you and your voice are so beautiful

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