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  1. Genilson Albuquerque

    Dude, I really like your music. I'm a singer in Brazil and you're a reference for me.

  2. Mimi Y

    Where I can download this??

  3. Stephie S

    Oh my goodness your voices have both matured so much since the previous Beauty and the Beast cover! Been waiting so long to hear another disney duet from you two and no disappointment here!

  4. Ivy Marcella

    I just love it!!!! you are amazing omg!

  5. Alexandra vasquez zumaran

    Good voice

  6. broadwayhead

    Love it! You guys should cover At The Beginning from Anastasia 🙂


    great voice , these two should have sung at the trump inauguration!!!!!

  8. Paul Kumar

    Took me back to my childhood, incredible!

  9. hermione patil

    Loved it!❤ I also heard your Can you feel the love tonight cover and just like this one, you two are better than the originals singers 😍😍😍

  10. matt slade

    so glad you have done a new video. was hoping you would come back sometime. great cover. hope you do more soon. i keep going back to the cover you did of the lion king. i must have seen it about 20 times by now. keep up the great work

  11. magstercxiong

    Love this!! Love you both and your beautiful voices!! I missed hearing your duets. 🙂

  12. Tyler Drew

    YES! I have been binge listening to beauty and the beast covers all day and I just got done listening to your first cover and I kept thinking "it would be awesome if they did another one in celebration of the movie coning out in March" AND BANG YOU DID! #AHHHH #sogood 😄💙

  13. Lila Green

    I'm so happy you made this an official cover! Me and my best friend listened to the video you posted a couple years ago over and over and over. lol you guys are awesome!

  14. Dana Sachi Garcia

    Nice one! 👏

  15. Maricela Olivas


  16. Mau Kilauea

    Beautiful 😍

  17. Platon Emil

    Slay you guys <3 I love u so much <3

  18. Alex Bateman

    Man, you guys sound great!
    LT tells me I'm gonna dig your new stuff you're coming out with too, I can't wait to hear it!

  19. Sara M. Lira

    FINALLY! ❤ Fan of you and your amazing talent since day one. Waiting for new music 🎉

  20. Naomi - gnometruths

    yes new LC/BB music! so good folks!

  21. milolovr4ever


  22. André Hamon

    Great job Landry & Bri!! Y'all are both blessed with such amazing voices! Keep it up 😊

  23. LovelyFaith88

    Amazing 😍😍😍

  24. Karley Fisher

    I needed this. I absolutely love you guys. ❤️

  25. David Cavill

    Always looking forward to new uploads, you guys never disappoint. Beautiful.

  26. Fatima Pineda

    I cri 😯😭 IT'S SOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!👏🏾 You guys, it gets better and better❤️ I DON'T LIKE IT, BUT I SUPER L❤️VE IT! Well, here I come spotify!! haha One of my favorites in Disney's 🙂

  27. alexa pascual


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