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  1. Kevin Lynch

    Tickets are available @ http://bit.ly/2DFWdlD

  2. CamoFFA

    Im with St. Albert Childrens Theatre, and we just did The Little Mermaid, we have a lot of similarities such as the time for us to put the show together, we started in September, We just finished our 12 show run from Nov. 21 – Dec.1, there was no crossing, and we had a 4 person band! it went great! over 505 seats in the theatre and we had over 5 sold out shows. I played Scuttle and like OMG Positoovity is a hard number because of that damn dance break lol, but it went great! I love seeing other peoples shows and their behind the scenes! Goodluck, break many legs!!!

  3. The Eagle

    Love it

  4. Ben Lutostanski

    This is the show my high school is doing. It's not going to be easy. I'm just praying that we are just renting costumes and NOT making them

  5. Brianna Belland

    I like actually guessed that she played Wardrobe right before she said she did. I know this show way too well. Btw I love how big the rose is. Usually, people will get a "real" looking rose and it's really hard to see when the petals fall, even with lighting and music going along with it etc. This show has been all over MN lately, so I got to choreograph it twice over the past two years. I love this video. Awesome back stage tour! So cool to see you working the show!!!! Cast sounds beautiful during their warm ups. <3

  6. Elena Michele

    I love these vlogs!!!

  7. Hammielover360

    Loved this Kev! Would love to see more of these in the future. Wish I could go see the show but I live in Ireland😂❤

  8. aadamtx

    Here's a "break a leg" for your performances! Hope the weather clears up for y'all and you have nothing but sold-out performances 😉 And tell everyone to be careful with those rented costumes – I know how much insurance runs for productions!

  9. Juan Manuel Enríquez García

    love this content

  10. Non

    So many good memories of this show. I chaperoned (child wrangled) the chips. You basically have to force a small child into an even smaller box and make them sit in a very uncomfortable position.

    Any child auditioning for this role has to be measured against a stick with a line on it and if they got to tall, the were out!

  11. Will Gaines

    Hey kevin, really cool to see more of your backstage/work stuff. I especially enjoyed seeing the vocal warmups cos I find that's one that people can do so differently. Any tips on vocal warmups for an enthusiastic-amateur MD such as myself?

  12. Michael Prather

    We did it at our school and I was cogsworth!!! It was SO FUN!

  13. Caroline Hatcher

    I was trying to figure out why Let It Go was playing from the dressing room!! It all makes sense now🤠

  14. Rohan Green

    This is brilliiant

  15. Julie Galorenzo


  16. eden. dee

    I’m doing a school production of B&B right now!!! I’m playing a silly girl/Belle’s understudy. Any advise?

  17. John Nary

    Glad to see behind the scenes please do more like this

  18. Emily Pesce


  19. Viktorija Is life

    Kevin!! Thank you for showing us the backstage of musical preparation. You are the best. My dream is to sing in my country's musical theather and sing in musicals and opera's and operettes. I am studying classical singing. Most people heard my voice and said that I have disney type voice. So I hope my dream will come true soon!!

  20. Andie Kozakiewicz

    I have an audition for B&tB in 2 weeks! This is so cool!

  21. Lisa S. Dyment

    ❤ your work! Thanks for the musical love you share with us all!

  22. Jacob Thompson

    Please do a “breaking down the score” for Thank Goodness from Wicked!!!!!

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