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  1. Chandra shekhar Pandey

    Please is story ke liye ek acha sa title batao holiday home work hai

  2. William Sibakwe

    My mommy told me to read it at school irps

  3. Anik M

    Ha ha , such a moron story just for silly girls!

  4. Guru Murthy

    Sleeping beauty super

  5. it's a foot

    Moral Of The Story: Don't Judge People By Their Looks, But By The Content Of Their Character.

  6. JD

    i still hear this in 2018, thank you so much.love it

  7. Vicia Neeyel

    Belle was beautiful

  8. warren byrne

    Is you want to by the Disney logic her eyes are hazel.

  9. janette beckner

    It Belle not beauty

  10. Layla Rose

    Brilliant this is great for children and I have subscribed and turned on notifications

  11. Shoyneth Carpez juanillo

    Iam 10 in l love it

  12. Mikayla Rheese

    Funny lol 🤪

  13. tavia adzadi

    awwwwww true love😇👫💏👼👸👰👦

  14. Khadijo Hassan

    I love beauty's hair ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆♡♡♡♡◇◇◇♤♤

  15. rayan dz

    Please i need written story of this vidéo

  16. Krishna nandan mishra

    I love beauty and the beast

  17. The Bright Side

    Frances Mei same here! 💇🏼💆🏼

  18. David Plant


  19. ARROW Arrow

    Power rangers

  20. rahul chavan

    I loved her and I loved. Prince 👑👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️👦🏼👦🏼👱🏻‍♀️

  21. jungshrestha

    i will always love this story great good

  22. Porters921


  23. Levenspeil Sangalang

    they actually changed the name to Fairy Tales and Stories for kids than the old one Fairy Stories and Songs for kids.

  24. habeeb qureshi

    i love beauty's hair

  25. zaza zaza


  26. zaza zaza

    💙 Aktuğ abi ❤ Aslı abla 💜 Maya 💛 Noa 💚

  27. Sabina Sayyed

    Wonder full story

  28. valuna Aura

    is it cinderella??? because the beauty don't have sister and the rose…???? tell me please is it beauty and the beast or cinderella????

  29. Sunita Gupta


  30. Lucas José y Winnie el oso


  31. Lucas José y Winnie el oso

    ¿but where is Gaston?

  32. Matt Baker


  33. Faisal Faisal

    I like beauty and the beast

  34. SN - Old channel

    This version is different than the Disney versions.

  35. mrithul sajeev

    beast is saw ugiy

  36. Tilda and Rita Mestre

    she's so beautiful

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