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  1. namara Slyvia


  2. Jeffrey Richardson

    lisa and kisten
    michael scott and jodys hen
    doug and eds wedden

  3. イメルダ先生

    The beast' and the king is old Belle oi sa old too

  4. Linda Ngwemetoh Muchu

    I sure love this version.

  5. mss MD

    Best version ever !!!!!

  6. Jason Hurd

    Saw this when it was first released and have sought it out ever since. Thank you for the upload!

  7. Dr.sayyed Amrullah


  8. BIG Joe Eagl

    Remember when we watched this, together, you & I & you were disappointed that the Beast didn't turn into a handsome young man
    #KristieAnnPaterson ? 🤣

  9. Mary Severin

    My all time favorite version of the famous fairy tale. Thank you for posting!

  10. elizabeth rosario

    The beauty and beast actor George c Scott awesome movie I really enjoy that movie I watched it two times thanks for putting that movie out .😆

  11. jo egleton

    This was the movie that made me fall in love with George C Scott

  12. Louiza Benz

    من الممكن مترجم الى العربي بليزززززز

  13. garnet isajewel

    wonderful movie, thank you Michelangelo

  14. beep boop

    I'm legit only watching this for Patricia Quinn

  15. Traders Friend

    Ahhhhhh, the good ol' days when actors were of an appropriate age. Thank you, I've never seen this version before

  16. AJ Dezelle

    Nicholas is the only one out of Belle's four siblings to actually help her.

  17. Clint Williams

    Beauty & The Boar? Or..

  18. Hai Trinh

    Nice Movie

  19. realmakebelieve

    This is such a lovely Beauty and the Beast. Some know that George C Scott & Trish Van Devere were real life husband & wife. I feel they were truly in love, together until George died in 1999. He was about 15 years older than her. Campbell Scott, his son with first wife, Colleen Dewhurst, is a fine actor, as well. He starred in a movie with Julia Roberts, called Dying Young …very poignant & lovely. Campbell also starred in The Love Letter …still free, here on YouTube. It is a romantic drama with an unusual & intriguing romance, centering on a 1990's man and a Civil War antique dresser …with it's stash of love letters, from the Civil War era, written from those days …by a pretty 29 year old lady, already considered a spinster, played by Jennifer Jason Leigh. Yet, with her own evolved essence, she is an enchantress.

  20. Jan Lipley

    Virginia McKenna acted with Bernard Lee in Born Free. So lovely to see them together again. This is wonderful. One of my
    favourite stories. XXX Yes, thank you for putting it on YouTube and sharing. xxx

  21. Carlo Zabbia

    Very good make-up job on George C. .

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