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  1. Leroy Sanchez

    You can now listen to this song on Spotify!!! https://open.spotify.com/album/3eK9Qpz7JsERJ5UGVMbJUw

  2. Mupi Cap

    The minus thing bout Ariana verse was the SOUL.. Am right??

  3. Kamonrat Reiknimit

    So nice

  4. Jairo Pereira

    Por favor, cantem 'A Whole New World' Leroy Sanchez & Lorea Turner <3

  5. Jairo Pereira

    Please sing 'A Whole New World' Leroy Sanchez & Lorea Turner <3

  6. iam anothersary

    autotune has left the chat

  7. Goemon Ishikawa

    Plesse sing Can You Feel The Love Tonight and my compliment to the pianist!❤❤❤

  8. Carlos Eduardo

    Two beautiful singers that complete each other tuning their voices into a beauty beyond patterns.

  9. Adinda Kartika

    19,000k++?! wow

  10. Nati C

    My friend Catherine sings this so good

  11. Ma. Gheraldine Nazareta

    Who went here after listening to the launch of #Aladdin's #AWholeNewWorld version by Zayn and Zhavia?!

    I believe still believe that #LeroySanchez and #LoreaTurner still have the best version for #BeautyandtheBeast… Praise to #Kazumi for his impeccable piano skills 😍😍😍

    And for #AWholeNewWorld, isn't the original version of #BradKane and #LeaSalonga still the best? 😍 For me it is.. Just saying…

  12. Ziah Wass

    The Harmony!!! Beautiful 😍

  13. Ilham Rahman

    love it more than ariana and john legend version 😍

  14. Shifra Ivana Sitohang

    lorea's voice is an angel voice. shes so good at singing. love ittt❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  15. M Fab

    Can you both get together again and sing a version for Alladin? <3 Thanksss

  16. Ogunyemi lilian

    Harmony and rhythm… God have mercy

  17. John Mark Molito

    Lovely. They are amazing. 😍

  18. Jerald Portugal

    I won't get tired listening to this cover. I love this, 3000! ♥

  19. Ever Manneh


  20. Mélissa Sarazin

    Omgggg beautiful really beautiful ❤❤❤

  21. TartempionLampion

    This is the true original version…

  22. Unik de Leon

    I love you, Leroy😍😍😍

  23. Kharen Academy

    I like her voice the most.

  24. -_- Trilianna

    Wow Lorea!!!!

  25. ささきみちゃん



  27. Gaia One Woman Musical

    Wonderful cover!

  28. Sorminakong Hadjirul

    Beat cover version ever and the pianist really amazing👍👏

  29. bayan ko

    I hope that you can do a cover of color of the wind sir

  30. Gabrielle alana

    Singing like angels

  31. Carlos Eduardo

    Magnificent and simple at the same time. Paradox, just like the Beauty and the Beast.

  32. Joy Tiston

    Woah! Like this rendition. Just the right sweet and magic. Perfect!

  33. cosmic power

    You 3 are perfect…. Goosebumps…. Amazing 💖💖🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦🇹

  34. re u

    넘 좋다

  35. Luana white

    Posso ficar velha mas ainda estarei apaixonada por essa linha música. Vai ser a música do meu casamento 😍😍😍

  36. Abigail Ganness

    The singers have a beautiful voice. Please sing " A whole new world".

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