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  1. anuma raya


  2. вася пупкин

    2017 version looks like Not so beauty & The goat

  3. Harbourness Rage

    All Beast scenes looks weak comparing to the original. Beast lacks of emotions and CGI quality.

  4. ArgentiumTea

    lol over 28k views and only 12 comments 😂 😂

  5. Patrick M

    Disney knows how to suck cash out of us… they did it with Star War rewashing old flavour with different actors and better CGI $$$$ thank you movie goers!

  6. deebznutz100

    Should have used the Beast makeup from the Beauty and the Beast TV show

  7. Luis David


  8. WLL4

    is there really only 3 comments on this videos?

  9. AskMeLater

    The new one looks kinda cheep and somehow smaller.

  10. elodie

    Hello? one of facebook page, kind of movie trivia stories, have uploaded your edited video. not authorized to you.
    so I make a message to let you know. did you permit that video?
    i think you should forbidden to that.
    facebook address is https://www.facebook.com/moviellento/?fref=ts

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