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  1. Krystina Ferro

    Anyone notice that Rey's Theme from The Force Awakens is similar to this Prologue?

  2. Ali Gracida

    This song is so beautiful. I feel like I was three and soft.

  3. Ricco

    Gaston dislikes this!

  4. ToastZap

    So many memories…

  5. Elsa Petersson

    what is the actual name for this song…is it just prologue?

  6. OiOiMooMoo

    I was playing this tune in my head really randomly and I was like 'Gotta download!' Thank you for uploading this xxxx

  7. WildDancer101

    @AngieGGangsterG Glad I can help out.

  8. Chanah Angelica Kamen

    @WildDancer101 Thanks so much!

  9. WildDancer101

    @AngieGGangsterG Two youtube members called Kinino28 and freestylejump126 have videos of the prologue not containing the narrative if those are what you're looking for. Hope it helps.

  10. Disney girl 30 Gwilt

    @ShikaraFree Its on you tube here just type in the box above, Beauty and the Beast soundtrack and there you'll see and hear all of the songs. I hope that this helps.

  11. Disney girl 30 Gwilt

    I like this song and also the west wing too. As I had the video was I young.

  12. Jenova97

    where can i find ONLY the soundtrack without lyrics?

  13. Tamara in Pyjamas

    The words are what make this so much more beautiful

  14. Rei165

    I cry when I hear this song (yeah, without the words would be better)

  15. Chanah Angelica Kamen

    @DoubleSwords47 I know!!!! Uh! 🙁 I think this cd has it without the narrator- because it's cd of Alan Menken (and others') music in the making, so they have the instrumental in there, I'm pretty sure!
    I'll send u the link to the amazon cd.

  16. Io Diakou

    @AngieGGangsterG Me too!! The music is so enchantingly and utterly beautiful and yet the narrator's voice is ruining it! I just want to listen to the tune, damnit!!

  17. Chanah Angelica Kamen

    @DoubleSwords47 Searching for that EVERYWHERE!!!! 🙁

  18. Io Diakou

    Is there a version without the talking?

  19. Faptn. Undrpants

    This is my favourite theme from Beauty and the Beast.

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