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  1. Rajeena Hassan

    Isn’t it cinderella 🤔🤔….any way I like it 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. Rajeena Hassan

    Isn’t it cinderella 🤔🤔….any way I like it 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  3. pepper mint

    Potter heads like 😍😍😍😍

  4. Soni Malti

    She is not emma
    She is not bella

    She is our Hermione Granger 😍

  5. v.k.Ranjitham v.k .Ranjitham

    Harry potter hermanie is there

  6. Un Viernes 13



    in my heart she is still hermoine granger

  8. Georgia Brampton

    It's 2019 and I'm still watching the trailer. I watched the movie on the release date and have watched it 11 times since… 😀

  9. Flappy Grils

    waaa gut ailave

  10. trizztan ME

    actually i compared it to the aladdin trailer and movie , and tbh ranking is so hard but in the end my score for aladdin is 10/10, beauty and the beast is 9.9/10, so yah

  11. Sagor Bhoumick


  12. Yashfeen Kamal

    Full movie upload karo plz

  13. Rk monika Rk monika

    I love this actress

  14. imkimjisoo imokay


  15. saiba islam

    Let me this movies link please please please…🙏

  16. Pranita Deshpande

    O.M.G. Hermione Granger?

  17. Familia Perico VLOGS

    Beauty and the Beast is great just like its cartoon animated film. But Aladdin was PERFECTION. This trailer looks good but didn’t met my expectations. But still good. REALLY like the cartoon one. While I tought Aladdin was the same as Beauty and the Beast, it wasn’t. I thought it will just be some copied story of the original one, so at first I didn’t want to see it but my mom wanted to see it so I accompanied her. And it was WAAAAAYYYYYYY more better than the original one😍❤️. At last! Disney made the real life something Greatt! (Cuz normally real life isn’t as good as the cartoon animated one) lol.

  18. iSpyhinx

    This movie explains that love isn't just because of physical appearance. I hope to find my own Belle.

  19. geboinzki .Iman28

    She can sing they just added the autotune in some parts but her voice is great.

  20. NixUniverse


  21. panpan panda

    THIS IS A GOOD MOVIE TRUST ME! I love this so much! 😘😘😘

  22. Sherya Sherya

    2019 I am the only watching this trailer

  23. Neetu Ghai

    Emma Watson Will always be Hermoine Granger for me❤❤❤
    Who Is a potter head here?

  24. Saripah Saripah

    Hermione granger?

  25. Xanton Cruz



    I just watched the movie… N I'm in love with it… I can't stop smiling omggshhh🙈

  27. Eden Joyce Baguio

    This is when i was curious whats the prince looks like….and omg so gwapo hahaha
    And i didnt know emma can sing wow,

  28. shameen ansari

    I am the biggest fan of Emma from Harry potter

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