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  1. Sigel Ward

    A little slow but has some serious issues it deals with. At least worth a look.

  2. Sydney prescott

    It must suck if a full movie hasn't been taken down by now….. no one cares

  3. Tyrone Robinson

    i enjoyed it

  4. ohwhatelse

    if the 1st 12 mins. is a dud it isn't worth my time.

  5. Aya Bc

    Great movie ♥️

  6. kcaj mortsnnew

    this was better than most heart-throb flix , but the HORRIBLE smarmy pop songs almost prevented me watching it…..only got through with a grip on the mute button , those whiny voices are maddening jesus h mormon 1st st. geo movie i've ever seen something tells me this was LDS sponsored

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