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  1. sopeshowers

    How to clean your beauty blender, 6:18

  2. starcrew jj

    excellent video. I have learnt so much. thank you

  3. Olivia Hunter

    Where did she get her beauty blender from??

  4. Wys Jordan

    I've never known anything more dumb than leaving the water running.

  5. Cheanne Ji

    Geez.. Your brows are higher than my dreams.

  6. Roscko 562

    Great explanation thanks that’s what I was looking for!! Too bad all these hateful comments keep doing your thang girl 🖕all the haters on here!!!! 😂😂

  7. NEHA *

    Thank i like u video like damo the new one i am scared when my beauty blender small to big 👌

  8. Robyn Dalton lifestyle beauty fashion

    awesome video

  9. Youtube Viewer

    I bought the original Beauty Blender off Amazon and when I clean it, loads of pink dye comes out of it. Also, when I put it under water, it doesn't grow, it's still small. Was I sold a fake? It wasn't cheap either.

  10. Flashy N Sparkly

    I would like to see a video of how to stretch a hoodie & how to clean the inside of a purse.

  11. Mía Solorio

    Thank you so much I needed this

  12. nikki nickname

    You're prettier without make-up 😊😘

  13. Some One

    I came here expecting Blender 3D tutorial, because of my recommendations.

  14. Helen Sadeik

    I just bounce

  15. Nidhi Pandey

    how can we clean the beauty blender without the clenser???????

  16. Nail Polish

    Best tutorial I have seen so far about the beauty blender👍

  17. alyssa_1213


  18. • Bughead Cooper •

    Should i put it in the water??? When first buy?

  19. lipglossbabyXO

    The sponge is a he? Didn't know it was alive..

  20. Rheann Veitch

    Around the nose she is swiping in the beginning and it is driving me crazy

  21. Darius Gonda

    You look like Madonna when not in Makeup. Beautiful! Thanks for this video! Love it. 😍

  22. taraclarissa

    She looks soooo much better without the dramatic makeup

  23. shiemah kincy

    I’m sorry but the BB sucks up so much foundation !!! I have to use miceller water to clean it thoroughly 🤷🏾‍♀️

  24. Verrose

    Shopmissa.com has a softer better version for $1!!! Don't be a fool people. The science is literally the same but better to achieve a softer sponge. It too is latex free. SHOPSMART

  25. Claudia Okyere-Fosu


  26. Knazy

    THANK you. For showing how to wet the beautyblender. I've been using it dry for ages and didn't get good results and all the gurus keep saying "using my WET beautyblender" and never show what that means. Like I didn't know if I was an idiot but I imagined either doing it like the video or just spraying it some water or some special spray. Or just dipping into water etc.

  27. luv2craftcards

    Do you always dip it into water every time you use it? so, if I used it on a Monday then I decide to use it on Wednesday do I wet again?

  28. luv2craftcards

    do you have a website to buy the beauty blender?

  29. SINternet Entertainment

    I just got my first one now i have to try to use it.

  30. Caroline Lief

    Can you clean a wet Beauty Blender by microwaving it?

  31. Beaut Belliss

    when influencers say " not sponsored " who still believe this lie?

  32. Lori Gemini Tarot

    Thank you for this video. I've been doing it dry for months.

  33. Ophe Lia

    i swear u look perfect without makeup for real

  34. Susannexox

    Thank you for the inspiration! 😘

  35. Jenny D

    Try Zenda; you'll love it. I'll never go back to BB or RealTech.

  36. Sandy Moyer

    My dear cousin who lives 3000 miles away, sent me one of these just because… I used it today for the first time… OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! My pores disappeared! I could not believe how flawless my skin looked. I used IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation and my skin was just flawless!!! There is a difference between this and others. I'm sold!!!

  37. Nofretari

    Do they make a tiny one for under your eyes?

  38. DT B

    Why do I always break out after using a beautyblender? It's squeeky clean.

  39. Kristen Dums

    hey im new to your channel loved this video.. im getting my beauty blender in the mail this week, what can I use to clean it with before i get the cleanser?

  40. Maggie Infinity

    This girl is exaggerating on how much better the real one is compared to the knockoffs lmao

  41. RX LEE

    You need to turn off the water tap while rinsing your beauty blender. It's wasting precious water man.

  42. myri dublin

    Got "beauty sponge" from Tjmax that was 4$ works just as well as a "beauty blender", looks, feels, behaves and blends exactly the same. Clearly some other company has figured it out too. I still prefer my foundation brush thought.
    Also anyone else think it's weird that the video you can't really see anything at all happening at all then it jumps to hella full coverage heavy foundation all over?

  43. Preeti Thakur

    U weast so much water idot

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