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  1. Hizz Nim

    American: 19 steps
    Korean: hold my kimchi

  2. HIF1alpha

    Alcohol actually irritates the skin. And yes, pores don't have individual muscles, but they're pores… they can expand and shrink.

  3. Perfumaphilia

    I really wish this channel would feature just one person with highly sensitive skin. You know, those of us who are sensitive to a lot of ingredients, and can't do a routine with 25 steps and harsh actives.

  4. MLE S

    She seems really sweet and down to earth – a pleasant surprise for a fashion magazine editor!

  5. tehmaimed

    Idk, it should really take 3-4 weeks to see a product make any difference to the skin (except exfoliants), so her constantly trying random products b/c of her job kind of… defeats the purpose of her job in the first place :

  6. A Ric

    As she’s talking after the second cleanse all I can think of is how much trans epidermal water loss she’s getting…

  7. nala beans

    HOLD UP I always put my moisturizer in/around my brows thinking I'm doing a good thing hydrating the area.

    That's not good?!

    I just wiped my brows with a wet paper towel as I'm furiously googling…

  8. Becky Shaknovich

    Please don’t use those flossers! Throwing out plastic every day is so bad for the environment!

  9. Amy Dockter

    How did you become a beauty director? It seems like such an interesting career.

  10. k6kirei

    Is it possible to be vegan and use botox and fillers? I read that botox and fillers aren't vegan as they are tested on animals. So are there vegan friendly fillers?

  11. sabrinacoolest

    She's brave wearing a white gown

  12. Zakwan Shah

    so this is the mastermind behind bazaar.

  13. Sydney P

    Flossing after brushing is almost useless

  14. A.R.S.

    You guys! Why let the celebrities have all the fun? Drop in your skincare routine down below and let’s compare notes!💕

  15. A.R.S.

    My nighttime routine (not that anybody asked but I’m gonna pretend I’m a celeb)

    1: Kiehl’s Cucumber Conditioner face wash
    2: Pixi glow tonic
    3: Sunday Riley’s Luna night oil
    4: Sunday Riley’s Good Genes (I alternate it with Drunk Elephant’s B-hydra serum)
    5: Peter Thomas Roth’s Cloud cream

  16. Sydney P

    Did she just say vitamin c is better in the day because of sun exposure?!

  17. Martinka851

    why nobody cleans their neck? i suppose you have a make up there as well… or not?

  18. Elizabethx15

    I also don’t feel moisturizer is necessary. I totally understand what you mean by the next day, my face looks more dull the next morning if I do apply moisturizer. I apply an oil and two serums and my face looks hydrated and glowy the next day without using moisturizer. I think moisturizer dilutes all my hard work and serums. But I still have a moisturizer on hand for nights where I’m to tired for the whole routine and apply some mixed with oil.

  19. Jo Drew

    I'd loe it if she did a quarterly review of her skin care routine, both face and body.

  20. Antra Ra

    Show me this face at 40 and I will tell you how and if this routine actually worked.

  21. rebeccanater

    *uses fluoride toothpaste whole life and never gets a cavity
    * I dont have cavities i dont need fluoride
    Rip to plaque and tartar but im different

  22. redlantern

    How did the ladies of the past even survive without using 19 products? And their skin was beautiful. People nowadays complain about rashes, redness etc. 19 products? No wonder.

  23. Noelle Deschanel

    This was fantastic, it’s so nice to see a routine without cleansing wipes!

  24. Amanda Kay

    I've noticed no one talks about your diet affecting your skin. Just wanted to mention that I've dealt with minor, consistent acne my entire life and was always trying to find the next best product. I went keto and my skin is something now that I'm super proud of because I only get a 1 break out near my menstrual period and I feel like I don't need much makeup. I finally have the skin I sought after!

  25. Oriana Shamoun

    Excellent 👌

  26. mistressyoda

    I dont understand brushing teeth and flossing after skincare which i see in many of these videos. I always do before. And this lady talks about vegan, clean ingredients but does botox and fillers.

  27. Alessandra Montes

    I like how she says “it’s not for everyone” because it truly isn’t everyone’s skincare routine is different. She is dry but her skin routine is really different from most dry people.

  28. Beauty Me

    She doesn't like face wipes but she keeps showing the Sephora ones – hilarious!

  29. Farayha Ahmed

    I absolutely love her personality! Would honestly listen to her talk about anything.

  30. lavien'estpasunlongfleuvetranquille

    Botox??? She's, like, 12, lol!

  31. Yingtung Lin

    Double cleanse is definitely not from Korea… cleansing oil had been popular in Japan for years…
    A lot of people think all these skincare trends started in Korea not knowing that most of the things had been done in Japan like a decade ago. The trends that really started by the Koreans are the snail essence and bb cream mainly.

  32. Reina Aqua

    Lol and yet she still has redness god these people love to exaggerate shit for us to splurge

  33. oscargoya

    One of the most beautiful faces without makeup.

  34. Elon Musk

    I’m tryna be more positive so I’m not gone say nothin

  35. Daniel Anthony

    Using too many products at once or switching products all the time can cause irritation or skin disruption. Also, you can't necessarily see how well a product works if you're trying new products every day you need at least a week to be able to determine if something is really giving results.

  36. prizescu

    Seeing so many people commenting and putting her down with their expertise which means " i saw many youtube videos and I know everything" is just…priceless😂

    Nice video, your skin looks lively, do what you do and forget what you read here

  37. Rimuru

    Sorry, a beauty blogger should NOT be changing skin care products everyday to 'test' it, you can't test it like that, there's no credibility, lmfao. You should test for 2 weeks minimum

  38. JoAnne Wells

    Very thorough.

  39. Tasha Juli

    She kept it real:
    Pulled her hair back.
    Didn’t use a makeup wipe
    Actually washed her face and took her makeup off!
    Didn’t use Barbara Sturm’s entire line.

  40. Padmashree Ramamurthy

    19 step routine 😅😅

  41. Tommy Scott

    Eye brow balding is relating to hormones

  42. Jamie Mills

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, for putting up your hair (getting it out of your face). When I watch these and the people don't put up their hair, I think one of two things: 1. This isn't their REAL routine, or 2. They are crazy. I see them "working around" their hair and it's ridiculous. No one would really do that. Again…thank you.

  43. Mary Clavin

    I have always loved Jenna – so professional and kind with a great sense of humor to boot! She is so knowledgable..

  44. Lucy Burgoyne

    Love how she loves using natural and clean products but uses plastic flossers……

  45. juno june

    i think she had to apply that emulsion after the serum, it is def thicker than serum

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