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  1. Abbey Campbell

    The worst for me was the Maybelline Urban Cover Foundation in the shade 110 (fairest shade). I don't know if I had a bad product or if it's a problem with the fairest shade, but there was no coverage at all. I put it on and when blended, nothing was there. Same problem with the Superstay stick foundation in the same shade.

  2. Emily Lovesmakeup

    I love hearing your opinions ❤️ I wish I knew they just repackaged the colourpop pot liners before I bought them, the first day I decided to use them. All of them except for 2 were very dry. I felt suckered into it. 👎🏼🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. Littlemissartsie

    Normally I am totally agreeing with you on foundations but I love the shiseido and the smashbox one you love is terrible on me!

  4. Julia

    The way you talk about the UD GoT collection is a good overall summary of the final season itself. (at least in my opinion)
    "There were some positive elements to it, but it was overall a letdown" 😂🙈

  5. Beauty by Anne-Chris

    I reaally love your make up today, your eye make up is stunning! And your skin looks sooo lovely ❤️

    Thank YOU! I so don’t get the hype on that bare minerals foundation, it is soooo hard to work with. Not the worst once you get it on but definitely not worth all the hassle. Ending up in my project pan somewhere this year

  6. frangipani

    Juvia's Place shimmers don't last more than 5 hours on my lids… and they don't just fade, they crease and get chunky and the only thing that stays is the glitter and no pigment… And I don't have oily lids at all.

  7. Michelle Fahy

    I have sensitive skin that can turn progressively red throughout the day, especially after eating or if it's warm. And if I don't have a full coverage foundation on I often get people asking me if I'm sunburnt… I'm like no we've been through this, I have sensitive skin. 😐

    Also I've worn foundations that are slightly too light for me (I have relatively fair skin but like I mentioned above I do get a lot of colour in my face) and paired it with a wash of warm toned eyeshadow (which had been very popular on youtube) and as a result I've had people asking me if I'm sick and do I need to sit down. Lol can't win. 😂

  8. MoreMakeup

    I bought the MAC “highlighter” when it first came out as well and i’m still salty about how bad that is. I since then tried using it in several ways to try and salvage at least some of the money spent on it but it’s simply unusable. That was the last MAC product I bought, that’s how much it pissed me off

  9. Kati A.

    Thanks for this video! It helps me avoiding crappy products and I now probably won’t buy any of Juvias Place‘ palettes…
    And it’s always interesting, that makeup does function different for everyone: I LOVE the bareMinerals original powder foundation. It’s a quick and easy throw-on thing for me, gives a nice and glowy coverage and lasts the whole day, looking great. But it’s not made for oily or combination skin types – maybe the matte one will work better for you!

  10. Cherry

    I tried a ColorPop gel retractable liners this year and they are shit! Every time I use them a piece breaks off.

  11. SM

    Omg I feel the same about the bare minerals powder foundation! I thought I was the weird one who can't seem to make it work on me 😫

  12. Caroline Mercer

    Oooooh super pumped for the Metropolis review! Absolutely don’t need that palette but it’s soooo beautiful it’s everything I like in a palette

  13. chocolatedoclet

    How did you feel about that Pat McGrath foundation?

  14. lubna s

    It's funny how I like most of the makeup that you like and get annoyed with a lot of things from the beauty guru world that you guys hate as well. You and hailey are my favourite people right now just for that among other reasons.

  15. nykka3

    I use a kabuki brush to buff in my bare Minerals foundation and it looks beautiful using that method.

  16. Krista

    When you pulled out that dark purple colorpop liner I went to church for a minute. I had the same issue and I still try to use that exact shade sometimes to toture myself.

  17. mimi

    I’d forgotten about that MAC Fleur Real “highlighter”! That definitely deserved to be on the BN awards. I’m going to have to start taking notes through the year for nominations. 😅 Btw I saw the Kevyn Aucoin lipgloss pack on sale and ordered it because you raved about it so much! So excited to try and now only US$15! 👀✨

  18. Dillon O'Neill

    As far as the colorpop eyeliners. Babyface is rough, the white is not the best. The yellow one named punch is super smooth

  19. Chantelilly Monique

    Hi Kat , I rarely comment but always enjoy your videos. I wanted to share with you how I personally get the bareminerals foundation to work for me. (I’m normal with an oily tzone for reference. )After your skincare steps and primer (if you are using one ) I apply a thin layer of setting powder to my face because I do find the BM powder will catch and cling to the moisture in your skin like you mentioned. The more you buff the foundation in , the better it looks. I apply a couple of light layers because too much at once and it looks like shit. Lastly I will set my face at the end with a finishing powder , it really helps since this powder foundation turns a bit creamy once it has meshed with the skin. Also I use the bareMinerals foundation brush they recommend , it’s dense and buffs in the foundation the easiest of all the brushes I’ve tried with it. Hope this is somewhat helpful to you if you do end up giving it a try. 🥰

  20. Alina Dorina

    Eye shadow tutorial please please!!!

  21. Miss Misto

    I have t tried shiseido powder but CoverFX hydrablur also has that stocking mesh and I love it. You don’t have to poke holes to get product. You take your brush and apply a tiny bit of pressure to the mesh and you will get just the perfect amount of product . It o y starts getting tricky when it’s almost empty. When that happens, you can turn the container upside down with the xover on! So that some powder remains above the mesh. Then use that.

  22. Dawn CL

    I think I tried 20 or so liquid foundations in a quest to find something that wore well on my super oily skin. Nope. I went back to powder foundation & have been liking Tarte's Amazonian Clay one. It's similar to Bare Minerals though so not sure if you'd like it.

  23. Carolina Torres

    I wear a big cat eye everyday I get out of the house, one day at work I had a full face of makeup but no eyeliner and people ask me if I'm sick. Can't believe what they would say if I didn't wear any makeup at all 😂

  24. Mareena Mallory

    Completely agree about the colour pop liners! I have the powder blue colour called Prance and it was dry and crumbly off the bat. Emailed them about it and they said it was the way it was supposed to be 🙄 I have the copper called Nut and it’s beautiful!

  25. Phoenix Lerose

    Juvias place is a brand I refuse to ever support again. They have sent me a wrong coloured lipstick, an unsealed, gloopy awful smelling lipstick in the correct shade, and a broken palette in which the shimmers started puffing up after a week of being in my possession. They were my biggest fail of 2019.

  26. ewokallie

    Fails was nabala secret palette and carli bybel abh palette. So sad.

  27. Stephanie R.

    That is so weird. My purple colourpop pot liner is super creamy. I wonder why they're so different.

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