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  1. Aurora Lee

    The bottles in the background are these really expensive fragrances. They are apparently made with mostly natural based ingredients. I can't remember if they are more of a rub on oil type fragrance or if they are a spray on fragrance. She had said in one of her videos that she received them as a gift from someone.

  2. Isabelle Schou

    Hope you feel better real soon <3

  3. Brooke Perez

    Please make me pretty

  4. Michele Winter

    OMG please tell me what the products in the back are… I want to drink them 😅😅

  5. Michele Winter

    These are my favorite videos 🥰🥰

  6. Daina Zhou

    Pony is a true artist! It's not like she's a minimal, low fuss artist. She clearly is very very particular and delicate about her precision and color-matching. So despite the end result looking very fresh and natural, it actually took a lot of effort and delicacy to get there.

  7. Clara Odamo

    Hi Robert I love your channel so much I love watching your videos and you are super super funny without even realising but most importantly I have learnt so much from you and it has completely changed the make up game for me. Less is definitely more when it comes to makeup 👏👏🙏

  8. RealNameNeverUsed

    I see people dying in the comments section.

  9. Kennedy Jones

    Who else listens to/watches Robert while doing their own makeup? 😊

  10. Aya Himuro

    I've mostly been watching James and Robert because this is the content we subscribed for. Also the slight, slight shade being thrown lol. But honestly, this is why we subscribed to him. All his tips and tricks has made applying make-up so much easier. I actually enjoy getting ready for work now instead of thinking "ugh I have to apply make-up again." I'm going to make my mom watch his videos too, I'm sure she's going to love him.

  11. Cat on the Moon

    Since I´m watching your videos my Make Up got soooo sooo soo much better. I use a lot less product, my concealer never looked that good, just like my eyeshadows. Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge with us.

  12. Blue Donatus

    I'd like to see a review of John McClain

  13. Zaaminah786

    "I would suggest opening your eyes when applying makeup" had me 😂😂

  14. ᏝᎧᏉᏋᏒ

    Pony is life 💛

  15. Martina

    those things in the background are perfumes from Regime Des Fleurs

  16. ambdance00

    I was cracking up when you were reenacting James Charles applying bronzer haha.
    Can you do another react video to Lisa Eldridge? She's my favorite MUA and so classy and love when she does her own and others makeup

  17. Hotumanawa Williams

    I Looooooovvveeee PONY❤️❤️

  18. HaiDera Hollins

    I so love your honesty and funny way of delivering the truth! 😂😂

  19. Carla Carlos

    Can you please please do a video on how to do eye makeup for a round eye shape 😩 the struggle is real

  20. Licorice

    Robert, you should do Linda Hallberg. I would love to hear your opinion on her colors and techniques. I am new here and I swear, I have been binge looking through the vids searching for "I hate baking" cameos!

  21. billie

    u are so beautiful

  22. Sharyn Waghorn

    Love you so much 😍❤️ Hope you're feeling better today 😙 love how you always say ("if that makes sense ') 💕


    I love this , it is so helpful so thank u …end best wishes from mua from Serbia

  24. Nadia Nolan

    Robert, you have to check out Bailey Sarian. She does makeup and talks about serial killers.

    She's funny, she reminds me so much of you. I think you guys would be BFFs.

    HI I'm Tati and these are my beauty secrets…

    Robert: Well we can't see them.


  25. Mariam

    You ask so nicely to subscribe that I did at the first video 🤣

  26. Brenda Guerrero

    Please react to Samantha ravandhal’s makeup routine! I think it would make you so happy lol

  27. Kat Sasko

    I HATE the way Nikki always applies her foundation/concealer under her eyes…..she thickly paints and stamps it ALLLL the way up and under right in her lower lash line. Toooo much. Her poor under eye skin

  28. mikaela deserved better

    “The application of the product is pretty uneven-“ MY REACTION WATCHING ANY JAMES CHARLES VIDEO

  29. Princess Coco

    Hope you feel better! 💕

  30. Whitney Lee

    Please feel better soon!

  31. DeAndra Sewell

    One of the things I love/appreciate most about Robert is the fact he doesn’t make his title all caps

  32. Kimberly Ball

    So refreshing to see someone NOT kissing James Charles's ass!!!! You had me laughing so hard, i woke up my husband!!! Oops, lol

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