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  1. Fajer K

    Miss vanity reminds me of James Charles makeup

  2. xxWolfiegachastudiogirlxx wolf


  3. DA MotoNeko

    07:23 I'm sorry but how is looking scared considered a freak status? I've seen way worse pretty much everywhere. Heck, even some cute animals can be considered more ugly.

    Speaking of ugly, for someone who quit focusing on her looks, Clover still manages to have a rough-style attractiveness around her. She pulls off that style in the end.

  4. Wicked Amoeba

    She got rejected by a guy she barely knew and she acts like this?

  5. Roxan Haandrikman

    This episode does show the biggest reason why I don't like clover.
    There's been a billion guys she crushed on, nearly all of them liked her too and she still also has tons of guy crushing on her who she herself isn't interested in but when one guy doesn't fall for her she goes acting all depressed and thinks she doesn't have any reason anymore to take care of her looks.
    She's pretty much throwing a tantrum because ONE guy doesn't droll over her!

  6. •Bloody Boba•

    Basically only cartoon whose clothes changes

  7. christy capers

    Alex’s pouty voice had me dying XD

  8. Kamilla Tamara

    Ms. Vanity really needs to match her foundation, brush her hair, and fix her eyeshadow. Yikes.

  9. Marvin the Maniac

    Miss Vanity reminds me of Cruella Deville.

  10. Vidya Jainarine

    I Love totally spies because the car

  11. Matthew Kretschmer

    Easy for Clover to say in telling Jerry to cheer up.

  12. BrownyBear

    Gerry grabbed Clovers 4:22

  13. TheNekoPastel

    13:15 Alex is me doing simple tasks . 😂

  14. Maria Arisa Amoroso

    Alex looks hilarious

  15. rebeca sousa

    This episode made me cry 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. ღღ Briαηαε ღღ

    I couldn't take them seriously with those faces

  17. Ginger Turquoise

    Sam at 20:40 has me DDDDYYYINNNN LOLOLOL

  18. Harlinder Kaur

    Why a hoverboard and a boat when they literslly have jetpacks on their backs…

  19. Geekgirl Graham

    Dude the villian’s Kinda right?

  20. Spritemon 98

    I'm surprised none of the girls didn't try dating girls

  21. Shaina Gambles

    I love Totally Spies!

  22. Nur Nabilah

    Soo does this mean, when u put concelear , you can't put powder?

  23. Eltrio2

    Anyone else think "Why so serious?" when looking at Sam this episode?

  24. taeyong is love

    I love how mandy told her ' yeah , its bc he has a gf ' u r not ugly clovyy

  25. Joseph Denby

    12:18 Who’s Ready for a lesson and smack down?

  26. Shani Shanida

    Totally spies is my favorite cartoon

  27. hannah tv shows

    that outfit sam is wearing in paris, ive seen it a bajillion times! clover how can you let her do this

  28. KML HS 'THS' SK

    Uh wha? Im not usually a make up girl but that was creepy

  29. Aurelia Tropea

    Dear Mrs. Vanity,
    Honey 🍯 you need a darker foundation shade,
    Like 3-6 shades darker girl 👧🏼

  30. Komal Khan

    3:23 lol she feels the need to tell him this

  31. Taylor

    I think Miss Vanity is pretty! If she whiten all of her skin she would have a great look

  32. Aicha Sow


  33. Aicha Sow


  34. Daily Edits

    Clovers me in the beginning w the guy

  35. Magesh Panchanathan

    Ms vanity looks like an idiot. Clover looks weird. Sam looks like a joker . Alex looks like a solo girl

  36. Isaiah Ukih


  37. Dreamy Drifloon

    Rodney looks like kurz Weber from full metal panic, and even sounds like him a little omg lol

  38. Kinum Atsitwab

    I don't know but I can't stop laughing at 11:06 HAHAHA. I love the facial expression of Sam and Alex here.

  39. Gxcha Puma

    Why did even jerry try a random makeup that are lying around??

    sounds gay

  40. Gxcha Puma

    Excited and also alex looks ridiculous funny 😂😂👌

  41. Josefine

    Why is no one talking about the fact that Clover likes salmon on her sushi? Isn’t she supposed to be vegetarian? Lmao

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