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  1. bugbug C

    5:52 the date is in like 2 min how are you supposed to wait 5 min

  2. Mint Waffle

    Oops I put lipstick all over my face 🙂

  3. Shooting Star

    12:10 that's very unsatisfying 😣
    Like if you can relate

  4. bugbug C

    3:12 you mean that shaving foam

  5. bugbug C

    3:15 im not trying to be sexist but using a pink toothbrush lol

  6. Tarek Hussein


  7. Neha Exotic Arts

    Hey plz take a look https://youtu.be/yImBHqFNBHY

  8. A13X

    The thumbnail though

  9. Dank Mondays

    dont put tape on or inside your lips , it tears skin

  10. Cyana Montijo

    At 3:56 when the guy carried her the girl left her purse

  11. Sarahrosa Onyeike


  12. Dolly Khan

    8:12 what is this?

  13. Jaya Kang

    4.38 how long is a while🧐

  14. Summer Jones

    8:40 cuz yes that is the most logical thing to do when you get WASHABLE marker in your hair

  15. Mila Vendiola

    My favorite is vicky!

  16. remas rs

    When I put on make up it doesn't do anything to me so how is it pain

  17. Swiigo


  18. Sami Sami

    8.55 i have the same t-Shirt!! (Yellow)

  19. Shannon Gloudie

    Thanks for that 4 minute new video's in a 12 minute video 😑

  20. Sanaa Nada

    رأته وبنى

  21. Sanaa Nada

    تتبناها تتبناها تتبناها تيتاثتتسخ

  22. Shahin Khan

    Tooooo muchhhh

  23. Shiva Srivastava


  24. Honey_Queen 4

    Ever do your lipstick and it gets all over your face
    Well u know how they say
    “No need to fear various if here” wel not today

  25. Harsha Ganesh

    @9:08 isn't she the girl from Mr degree?

  26. Hunter devil gamer


  27. Riya Robert

    6:30 umm there's something called nail polish remover ya know 😂 no hatred yall I love these videos too never tried them 😂 like the 90% of people who watch it but watch it anyway

  28. right nice

    Mujhe to lagta hai ki koi pagal bhi is tarah face pe lipstick nhi lgata if anyone agree then like👍

  29. Fortnite Gamer

    Just dave your armpits

  30. paul harrison


    Forgotten her bag

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