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  1. игра черепаха круто

    Yassss gurll!!!!!

  2. YEA I'm bored

    3:17 that ah dough

  3. Maya H

    You should do a Minecraft makeup look!!💗💄

  4. Hannah Roach

    Minecraft legend.

  5. •Mama Shinshina loves everyone•

    I love you so much, AAAA and this gameee!

  6. Noah Clark


  7. Star Platinum

    James: Hi Sisters

    Pewds:How's it going Bros!

    Next video….

    HI!,How's it going SIBLINGS!

  8. Sub 2 pewdiepie

    All the controversy around James Charles

    Plays Minecraft: we forgive you 🙂

  9. isabella carmack

    james charles is awesome i hope for the best that you get the highest amount of subscribers on youtube and that you don’t have to let anyone put you down!! just remember that your awesome!!

  10. UDG channel

    Whoo sisters for the wiiin

  11. Deep darkboy11

    ok gg game with pewdiepie im the Philippine bro im a boy

  12. Wøłfwægÿ Drawnout


    ~James 2019

  13. Jake Panda

    New subscriber

    From 9 yr olds army ❤️

  14. Box Url

    Im from gamers supporting me sisters.

  15. CinnamonRoll OfTrash

    gaymes with james

  16. Logan Shutts

    I subscribed

  17. Taher Altaher

    James u should did a series

  18. Kieren The Cute Kiwi

    Can you play sims 4!!!!! Omg now that's something I would want to watch! Let's call it sims 4 Sunday

  19. VerryMeR -

    What a GAYmes

  20. Míttơ Sơn

    Hi sisterrrrrrr

  21. Rylvox

    What about gaymes charles?

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