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  1. Terri Simone

    Tati yo bottom lash 😮

  2. Queen of the Republic Communist Of Wakanda Nigga


  3. duingun

    hv u tried the rt and eco tools sponge? thanks

  4. Randee Cooper

    I bought the dark blue blender didn’t really think it was that special- it took more than twice the amount of product ! Is it just me? Is this Color defective? I didn’t realize different Colors could be different. I’d hate to buy another one just to see & dislike it too😫

  5. Brandoncye

    Do a review on the 4 new primers Beauty Blender came out with. Would love to hear your opinion on them. Xoxoxox

  6. Tayleena Queen

    I just wash mine with antibacterial dish soap. Use just a lil and gets soapy and repeat, antibacterial…..

  7. Tosha Wilson

    I can't find anything , but is the beauty blender Latex free? I am allergic and i dont want to spend the money to get a rash and swelling lol

  8. Maggie Branch

    Hey Tati

  9. emily violet

    All these beauty gurus are like “o mai gawd I need a new 40 dollar egg shaped sponge.” And I buy mine from the dollar store and at the end of the day, its just a sponge.

  10. Devontae Johnson

    beauty blenders don't get dirty, it just foundation on the beauty blender, not dirt

  11. Tagelasfia Rania

    I am too late for this but i recently bought original beauty blender cuz its expense in my country but yeah like you said nothing like it before it i tried a sheper one but it did nothing but this made my foundation game in anther level

  12. Allison Anderson

    Fun fact- Elf has a solid sponge cleanser that is only 4 dollars instead of the beauty blender one thats 18!!! Works the same!!

  13. Ingrid Burgess Torres

    I start to use the blender from CVS and I clean it every day and my brushes every couple of days

  14. Claire Salas

    On a side note, your mid length shorter hair was SO CUTE TATI!!

  15. Claire Salas

    I love the Beauty Blender so much. I feel like it doesn’t break down or rip as easily as the Real Techniques or Sonia one so I feel that that makes it worth the $20. Just because I don’t have to replace it as often. However I feel like with all sponges, if I use a more full coverage foundation, it stains the big side of it and it feels almost like it’s thick and gunked up in there and I can never get it completely out. I’ve tried all sorts of cleaners including their own brand but I can never get it completely out. :/ but that’s the only thing I hate about this sponge, or any sponge.

  16. Crisp Apple Slimes

    Tati you should do a video on what makeup you pack for when you travel!

  17. Lauren Peterson

    I was JUST at Ulta today and grabbed one then put it back like “nah, I don’t need that”….so much regret!!

  18. Saba Ajaz

    I got my first original beauty blender after watching this n its amazing

  19. 1LusciousLIfe

    I love the mini for under my eyes and the solid cleans better

  20. shahin fantasia

    Ok tati, you've convinced me to invest 30SGD (singapore) and get a beauty blender but damn it's so expensive!

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