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  1. Julie Russell

    Can't believe these companies that their special items for new year's is sad

  2. almost339


  3. tsukier

    every time i see a new product with cannabis anything in it i just roll my eyes so hard i can see my skull. also…. the PH adjusting lip products nonsense….. please, i grew out of the 90s FOR A REASON. STOP!!!

  4. Debbie Marie

    I have both sets of the PM mini lipsticks. They are very small, but the colors are divine, as is the formula. Plus, I love the outside colors.

  5. Jennifer Fichtner

    🧆🥙 you ladies are so fun and beautiful as ever. I pray for Australia every day. I'm so glad you are both OK. Thanks for everything you do to keep us informed!! Have a great weekend! 🌯🌯

  6. Monet


  7. Mackenzie Nelson

    Can we have an honest discussion about overconsumption, climate change and these fires? What can we do? Don’t over-consume, maybe?

  8. Zari A

    🥙🧆🌮🌯 Enjoy!

  9. Brook Rutz


  10. Chezgirl Rose

    Thanks Hailey and Kat for the updates, always enough watching, even though I’m always late 🙄 but as the old saying says, better late than never … so I’m hearing ya with Kathleen Lights, she’s a bit over the top for me … Have a great weekend girl and stay safe down there.

  11. Susan B

    Gold Gaga making an appearance!

  12. Jessica Asa-Ailts

    I remember at 6 years old buying ph changing lipstick at a flea market. I painted so much of it on my face I looked like Ronald McDonald gone drag.

  13. jan e mahiya

    I am loving your hair styles 🥰🥰

  14. K

    50:46 I have a LA Girl nail polish just like this and i got it for $1 in a Dollar Tree

  15. Lynn Meme

    What is it with Kathleen Lights I feel like she has a collab with every brand

  16. Jessica Asa-Ailts

    Can someone explain woo? Not familiar. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  17. Jessica Asa-Ailts

    What’s really fucked is that the bite foundation has two with “neutral undertones” for fair, light, tan and deep. But no other description as to how they differ. It makes no sense. Thank god I am not a neutral undertones. At least I don’t think I am. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  18. emily_dixon xx

    The ABH pallets just so disapointing🌮🌯

  19. Meg Kon

    You both look so beautiful, Happy New Year!

  20. joyful

    i seriously didn't recognize kylie in those pics

  21. Yvonne Cedeno


  22. Debbie Marie

    Kathleen Lights has made videos re: her crippling depression and anxiety. Please don’t make me defend her. She is into things that can alleviate her depression and anxiety. I haven’t watched her in a long while, but these things are consistent with her search for relief.

  23. Artemist

    I was hoping we'd be leaving the pressed glitters bs in 2019…

  24. Fay Frederick

    So glad to know that you two are safe, if anything whatever happened to my Aussie girls I would just die…♥️💋♥️💋
    Almost forgot would you please do some really good drugstore dupes..thank you loves wink!

  25. Sara Baringer

    I am so sad about the BITE shade range because all the shades are too dark 🙁 so many brands think oh we need light shades but they have one or no fair shades. I understand it happens on the deep side really often but no one really ever talks about the lack of fair shades.

  26. Jay Song

    I hate to be that person but it’s not Chinese New Year! Many other countries also celebrate this holiday and it should actually be “Lunar New Year”. 😔 Kind of disappointing when brands don’t do the research to be more inclusive.

  27. Brooke Bewley

    also, just bought the original buxom powerplump lip balm at tj maxx, was soooo dissapointed when I found out it was ph adjusting!!!

  28. Katherine Varnam


  29. Emily Theimer

    🌯🌮🧆 lol now I'm hungry too!! I don't always get a chance to watch your longer videos, but I love it when I do because your commentary is hilarious and sooo helpful!

  30. Brook Rutz

    It seems like the “pop of blue” is unavoidable. And I personally dislike blue eye shadow. With that being said, this makes it easy to stick to my Low Buy 2020 goals because nothing interested me.

  31. Monica Checa


  32. M Ice

    Nars packaging looks so bad. The only Chinese New Year thing about is the colors. But the design could be anything. You could tell me it’s a glam McDonald’s x Nars collab and I’d believe it.

  33. IsABelle BRaDy

    Can you guys pleaseeeee do a pump count for the mini nars radiant foundation

  34. Arlen Loving Life

    So let me get this straight. ABH is releasing a palette with pinks, oranges, and pop of blue, and PRESS GLITTER. isn't this what the makeup community is tired of? Not only that the price tag is higher… they added 2 extra shades, but they are glitter. I don't know what is going on at ABH headquarters, but somebody send help.

  35. Michelle J

    I hear what you ladies are saying in terms of "give feedback to the brands on shade range." That being said, I really do hear what women of color say about this: You CAN show inclusivity with 20 shades. You just don't have 18 light to medium shades. You have 5 light, 5 "medium", 5 "tan" and 5 deep/rich. (Looks like Origins did this better this week.) Honestly, I don't think women of color should have to go ask for that. And the brands you showed that came out with new stuff: Elf and Hourglass and Bite Beauty have very deep pockets. Sure, start with 20 shades and not 50. Fill in later if people like it. But if I'm a woman of color (I'm not), why would I bother asking for a brand to cater to me when there are so many choices out there? I hear what you ladies are saying, and I know that you are already on the inclusivity train. I just am looking at it from a different point of view.

  36. The World of Mindless Dreamers

    Cork in Portugal is a huge production. The trees are harvested in a specific time frame and they do NOT get harvested every year. You can't harvest a cork tree every summer, it's done every couple of years to give the tree time to regrow. I also wouldn't consider Portuguese cork trees to be an endangered species. If they are treated with the traditional methods the trees are kept healthy. Cork can also be treated to be waterproof and usually does not grow mold.

    Sorry for the long comment but I am very passionate about my country and our cork production

  37. NailPolishHoarder

    (I'm late 😥 didn't have a chance of finishing the episode yesterday!)

  38. Alice Acherman

    Totally agree with you on the Paula’s Choice products. In my opinion to many new products to just make more money and they have become very expensive. They are not really sticking to her philosophy.

  39. jodi f


  40. Baranduyn NoIdea

    35: ish…well, that's a bit Goopy now.  I have no respect for it.

  41. ann_viewer

    How in the world do you collaborate with a toddler?

  42. zvezdasica94


  43. Koala G

    🥙🌯🌮🥙🌯🌮🥙🌯🌮🚤. 🧿??? 👁‍🗨???

  44. Erikaahh_Mae

    I'm excited for the new ABH palette as I collect them but I hate that it has 16 not 14 shades… Its gon a stuff up my drawers…

  45. Meghan C

    Y'all help me so much on my no buy because I get too excited too easily and watching you helps me rationalize lol

  46. Paige Pressler

    Chemistry nerd here! Micelles are basically just tiny clusters of particles that surround other molecules. So, for example, soap forms aggregates with and oil and then they get washed away when you rinse. I have NO clue how that would work in a foundation though. I’m trying to wrap my brain around it and I just can’t.

  47. David Tennant

    I think the Glamlite cake palette should’ve been less rainbow and had more neutral colours since cake is usually more neutral colours

  48. Chelsey Leigh

    Not to forget to mention the air is NOT safe, even if they are in a city. It's only going to get worse too.

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