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    Sorry for the slightly late upload! We had a hiccup with scheduling the ep. Have a great day xo

  2. Rebby B

    My Thursday evening just isn’t complete without Beauty News 🍋🍋🍋

  3. ApplePieQueen

    Happy birthday mama hailey x

  4. Patricia Gibson

    Colors do vary from each other, more than they look.

  5. Katie Randall

    $10,000? Wow! Good work ladies 😍

  6. Chelsea S

    YES! Please continue to roast “clean” beauty 👏🏼

  7. CensuradaPorBoleta

    I think MUG succeeded in the past with their single eyeshadows because A) 6 years ago we didn’t have a fuckton of palettes of every price range, texture and color preference available like we do now B) MAC was basically the only other brand that had a wide variety of single eyeshadows, but back then they were more expensive. Now, most of us own pretty much every single shade and texture in one way or another because we’ve been buying too much makeup for the past few years, and if there’s a shade you don’t have, MAC has lowered their prices on singles, Colourpop has a whole palette for the price of two singles and so many other brands have singles with unique shades/competitive prices

  8. Katie Woo

    I predict Kylie comes out with a mascara called masKYra next

  9. Riverchild27

    I enjoy MUG shadows but wanted swampy greens and more foiled and duochromes. Their formulas are quality and they could do so well if they would shake it up.

  10. Kelly Tinsley

    BUT you still need room to remove and rearrange MG singles. The point is to allow flexibility in what you need, when you need it, not just using the main palettes at once. (I may be just justifying the purchases I just made).

  11. Char

    🍋🍋🍋💛 Hi girls. Fun episode, as always. I think the product I'm most interested in this week is the Estée Lauder foundation… even though I don't wear much foundation anymore, and if I do I tend to stick to the HG vanish stick. But I did enjoy the EL double wear, so figure this would be excellent quality too, not to mention a more natural finish. Have a great weekend! 💛🍋🍋🍋

  12. Maeve McCann

    Wow as an Irish person that highlighter palette is offensive

  13. Jules Juno

    🍋🍋🍋 hoorah for rose colored eyeliners!! ^^ I'm excited.

  14. Karolyn Anderson

    As a wearer of bright a$$ eye makeup, I don't know that I've ever noticed anyone giving me side eye at the Grocery Store or on the streets for rocking a bold blue or orange eye look… I HAVE gotten that for wearing neon tights or tie-dye overalls. 😂
    Most exciting things to me this episode: Lush All the Wild Things soap, Nyx x Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and Givenchy lip sticks.

  15. Maria Aru

    Kendo should have rebranded to KVB- Kendo's Vegan Beauty

  16. Kalena 71

    While I agree the KVD Vegan Beauty rebrand name is SUPER clunky, I will also admit that now that she's not getting any more money from the brand I am actually interested in it. 🍋🍋

  17. Sean Ian

    Kylie's High Glosses are fucking rad

  18. Maja V.

    I love and enjoy you both a lot, but I have to disagree in some points at the MUG thing.

    Yes, the whole thing was underwhelming and for a lot of people a disappointment and I see why. But in my opinion the new concept is a great thing for the "regular everyday woman" (I really don't know how to name it right) – when you can't wear makeup at your full time job (or just slighlty) and use your eyeshadows just on the weekend or at special events. A lot of people (me includeed) get whole pallets just because there are a few great colours and sometimes half of the pallet never gets used. I am at his point really annoyed how much space they take and how much money I invested in things I'm never using. I love the idea of buying solo eyeshadows that you want or need and I know a lot of woman that thinks so too. In this case we would have the 20 shadey we really use (like nudes, browns, some colourfull things). Not talking about the waste. I don't know, in my opinion MUG got with this whole thing more mature. I'm looking for something like this for a relly long time, in Austria we don't have single shadows with magnet pallets that are good and affordable, and it's really frustrated. So I'm really excited for this one.

    I totally see that it's nothing for people who are really into "non boring" makeup. But I think the whole concepz could really work out for minimalists.

    But yeah – they should work a little bit more with the variation of colours and textures. And the gap thing is a mess. Hope they can fix this.

  19. LipstickTooth


  20. Bronwyn B

    ♥️🇦🇺 Seriously over glitter ….Happy Birthday Jenny hope you have a wonderful day..♥️🥳 I have zero inspiration for the MAC or Makeup Geek Collections sorry to much plastic.. I get I should be more interested in the quality of the product BUT just call me shallow AF…..🍋🍋🍋

  21. Happy dog

    Those Ritual capsules look so badass 😍😍

  22. Cyan Jackson

    I think Nyx missed the mark with the Sabrina lipsticks. I only saw some of the first season but I know Sabrina has commonly had a stunning red shade on, it's her thing and I think a lot of people would've gone for that with the cute packaging.

  23. Jeanne's Movie Chats

    Is no one going to talk about how Kylie's 'Stormi' palette is almost identical to Colourpop's Anna palette from their Frozen collab…?

  24. ddhyanii

    are you guys going to start puchasing from kvd now? I'm so curious to know if people will start buying from them again

  25. Jeanne's Movie Chats

    No offence to Marlena but that whole 'Matrix system' explanation was so overkill, it really showed how out of touch she is with the current landscape – there are SO MANY brands that do this, Inglot, Colourpop, MAC etc, there's nothing new or innovative here at all. I would just do what I've always done with Make Up Geek and buy individuals – except they're no longer in Beauty Bay and I'm not paying customs for one eyeshadow so, guess I'll be missing out

  26. Darci Jones

    I do want to see if the MUG magnetic palettes are durable.

  27. Mariel I. Melendez-Cruz

    Nora's icon is a top icon! Go you Nora! Haha I NEED the Mac Loud and clear compacts. I will die without them. Aside from that, not a lot interested me this week but I did love this super long episode. I sit outside with my coffee and watch my dog play in the grass and I listen to the news and that is my little happy place. My dog says hi, btw, and 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋

  28. Jamie Tellier

    🍋Have 🍋A🍋Wonderful🍋Weekend🍋

  29. Ashley Wilkes

    Have you checked out a company called Adept Cosmetics? They have 3 eyeshadow formulas that fit into their palettes really well and their pricing is much better

  30. Kimberly Prieto

    In all the years I've been alive I've never heard something so eloquently put as "It Clunks out of the Face Hole" AhaHaHaha I Die, God I Love You Ladies 😘😍😍😍😍😂😂😆😆😅.

  31. Krisse K


  32. tracey murphy

    as to the gaps in mg palettes, it may be so you don't gouge the shadows if you want to change them around, especially if you don't have long nails to grab them.

  33. Gypsy Monster

    Kat designed all of the artwork and packaging herself. New products will probably have different packaging aesthetic because of this

  34. Ashley Wilkes

    I haven’t bought MUG in years and the rebrand isn’t going to get me to start. The price is still too high for a “Target” brand

  35. Stellar Life

    🍋🍋🍋 lemons for those fucking nude with a pop of blue palettes. 😒

  36. Chinema Pictures

    MUG: all this chaos to remain cocoa bear.

  37. bridget baumgarten

    Omg! my moms birthday is on the 25th too. Mom birthday twins

  38. Madison Knight

    Omg the MAC muscle collection is sending me. That packaging looks like compacts you would get from AliExpress

  39. Lola Ololoeva


  40. Allison schild

    thank you for your opinions about "clean" fucking beauty. it might be a selling point for some but for me it turns off ands makes me never want to buy from a brand again. Also, those Mac blushes are a cream to powder absolutely stunning new formula!

  41. Nausithoe

    The new MUG eyeshadows are looking moody, boring, and its really just 500 shades of beige, grey and terracota. No thanks

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