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  1. Mall_rat 3000

    Interesting topic: panning blushes. I’ve only ever panned deluxe size sample blushes and I am a blush fiend. It’s my indulgence. I’m not necessarily heavy handed but I will reapply if I need to and I wear it every day. And yet, I’ve never finished a full size. I might end up finishing my Flower Beauty blush, it’s straight up liquid in a squeezey tube so it’s kind of easy to imagine actually finishing it. Anyway, I’d love to know which – if any – blushes you ladies have panned or finished!

  2. Breeanna Crosby

    I could be totally crazy, playing the devil's advocate and all, but I took the Glamlite palette's description as more satire than anything, kinda shading the James Charles palette maybe?

  3. Mall_rat 3000


  4. allthingscort

    You sassy bitches 😂 love it!

  5. Tabitha Butler


  6. Dopeydoesmakeup

    When I worked at Ulta, an old lady, like OLD. came in with a wicked old blush that wasn’t available anymore, she said it lasted her 10 YEARS & she used it everyday. She wanted to find something similar. We spent almost an hour swatching EVERY BLUSH that looked like it. I loved her & everything but DAMN. anyways just sharing because blush does last forever and hers was a small pan. Like bhcosmetics rectangular eyeshadow pan.

  7. Barbara Rice

    Bh cosmetics has a eyeliner brush like to beauty blender one
    So not first to market

  8. Barbara Rice

    I got those ⚽⚽⚾⚾🏈🏈

  9. Nicky Fransky

    Emoji (late! Sorry!) ☁️🌧⛅️

  10. Melissa Sharma

    ☁️ ⛅️ 🌧
    I’m liking the Shiseido compacts. My birthday was just this Thursday & my husband bought me a mirror compact, 2 mirrors in the compact, the outside of the compact is a beautiful pewter & little jewels…really pretty. So, now I need to start a compact collection.

  11. Angelica Martinez


  12. adele k


  13. Renee' Winters

    ☁️☁️🌨☁️🌨☁️🌨⛅🌩⛈🌤🌦🌧☁️🌧☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️ indigo

  14. Tee

    You make it so much easier to know where to get products when viewing from Australia Love what u do. Appreciate the efforts you put into your videos. ⛅️

  15. Heather Herdzik


  16. Hannah Cave

    Um clouds!!!! ☁☁

  17. CandleVixen

    Brown ☁️ I may need the Menagerie Violet Ink palette. My favorite colors! Also the Anne Of Green Gables collection.

  18. Jackie Johnson

    Most interesting releases: Shiseido compacts, violet ink palette, and the new Fenty products ☁️🌫⛅🌞

  19. Joanne A

    XD hailey complaining about her blushes XD

  20. Jackie Johnson

    I need a gif of you guys exclaiming, "LOOK AT THAT BROWN!! AND THAT BROWN!! LOOK, IT COMPLIMENTS THAT OTHER BROWN" 😂🤣

  21. nyankat

    Your idioms get me every damn time 😂

  22. Emma Hendry


  23. Pooja Passi


  24. Mandee Lee


  25. Simy G

    What I need from colour pop is a glittery, metallic black or dark blue. Dose of colors has them but I can’t justify paying $20 usd for a single shadow

  26. Elise Myhre Siljuberg


  27. setoutrunning23


  28. Jean Parks

    “ clouds, clouds “ lol the two of you are killing me

  29. Jessica Lee

    The best part is always your reactions to the mayhem and foolishness. lol ☁️☁️☁️

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