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  1. TheViewFromHer

    How can you bring out a hamburger palette and call yourself Glamlite,…. There is nothing glamorous about burgers.

  2. Christie Dugal

    I miss seeing packaging like the CT more often. I remember lusting after the beautiful packaging and how expensive/sophisticated it looks. I agree completely, bring back the quality!

  3. Sandy DiVa

    The KKW….I’d love this but the shades are wayyyyyy too dark

  4. Maryhelen Healy-Leese


  5. Goon Cookie

    In that Nomad palette, the pink, purple and yellow shades looked almost identical to each other. Not enough variety. I’m sure the finishes might be different but to have 3 pairs of shadows in one palette that are that similar is a no from me 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. MrsAlchemist

    Great episode 👍👍 🗑 🗑

  7. Christy T

    Not really about any of the releases this time around. Most of it I have something like it already in my collection. 🚮🗑

  8. Riana Goosen

    Scott Barns made the original body glow – making your body bronzed

  9. justdancingintharain

    Diamond powder aka Carbon

  10. Aubrey O'Grady


  11. Tina Ganguly

    BN , I save every upload. listen to podcast on a hike and then watch it whilst on the treadmill. Two for the price of one😘😘😘

  12. Pampered Panlickers

    Couldn’t find a 🗑👜so I’ll give you a 🚽or a 🕳 instead coz I’m guessing that’s where you’ll be sending your 💰 for some of the new products 😂

  13. shax123100

    Is it possible for you to put the brand name on the screen when you are talking about their products? Sometimes I forget what brand we're talking about. And it would make it easier to find stuff when I'm searching back through the video. If that's too much of a pain, I get it. You guys do so much already! No lie, really want that spongebob pallet even if its shit. i got no shame in this comment lol ♥♥

  14. Claire-Sophie Maddox

    🚮🚮🚮 me @ most new releases lol, love you guys!!

  15. Kristen Sherman

    The Glamlite shadows are pretty good, but I am SO over the food theme. Once was cute, but now it's just overdone.

  16. Renee' Winters


  17. desi armstrong

    Can you guys start putting time stamps in comment section too please! I’m super busy and can’t watch the whole video of i usually skip around

  18. Kendra Stevenson

    Happy first day of summer / winter!

  19. M dS


  20. Jessicaamb73

    honestly all these product as such 🗑️. None of these made me excited

  21. MissJayDeeMoni

    I’m not sure if anybody else has said this but Melanie Mills has been doing body bronzer & illuminates for years and very well at that. Kim K’s idea whilst smart isn’t necessarily filling a hole in the market. She’s just a bigger name than Melanie. Also, she a protectant spray that stops the transferring of the product to your clothes.

  22. meganisthemann

    So, I know Colourpop snuck the California Love collection in after you did this video but I'm excited for that release. The Juno & Co sponge is so tempting but I've never used their sponges. Might have to try it!
    I went on the Charlotte Tilbury website to look at the lipsticks because that moon and stars tube is so gorgeous, and I noticed that only certain tubes are certain colors. I wish you could pick the tube and color you want. Like, I know it's easier for them to only offer certain colors with certain tubes so they can mass produce (and make more money because it forces you to buy the color refill as well if you wanted a different color) but it would've been cool to choose exactly what you wanted.

  23. Hélène R


  24. miqsh70

    I’m so sorry about winter in Austria :/

  25. Sharon Shade

    How much lipstick is in the colourpop lippie sticks? Would love to know.

  26. Alison Marie

    Love you gals ❤️ 🗑 🗑 🗑

  27. JJ J

    I'm on a no buy so this just helped me with not buying anything new. Didn't see anything really appealing. 🤔

  28. Hannah Banana

    🗑👜 or, let’s face it….. total 💩💩💩

  29. marcie frey

    As a j-fashion fan and wearer, I love the Harajuku palette. The only thing that throws me off is the black

  30. Jean Parks

    I am 62 yrs old, if my daughters found a sponge bob palette in my collection they would put me in the nursing home 😂 And forget MUR, I have had too many misses with their products

  31. Brittany cheesman

    Pat magrath is a black woman who has only come out with one deep shade in her range…is that because darker foundations don’t sell as well as lighter ones?! But no one is talking about how bad her shade range- what hypocritical behavior to not mention her shade range when influencers have ended brands for that.

  32. roberta raszipovits


  33. Fraulein Kunst

    Omg thank you so so much for introducing us to the effin birds!

    It's like all my internal thoughts breathed into life and i LOVE IT!
    Fuck everyone! 🤣🤣🤣 xxx

  34. Laura Stavisky

    The only thing I truly care about- what is this pineapple donut??

  35. Stella

    Am I the only one who thinks the Harajuku is like, 10 years too late? The fashion styles that most often incorporate pastel colors (Sweet Lolita, Fairy Kei, anything "kawaii") peaked during the 2000's early 10's at best, and are now fading. It's all about retro and vintage right now. They've way missed the mark and just assumed that Harajuku = Kawaii instead of doing research as to what is actually going on on the streets of Harajuku

  36. Crystal Mendoza

    Hi from California!

  37. S Weaver

    The saltiness!! ❤️ 🧹🚮

  38. Leyla Gunay

    🚮🚮🚮🗑🗑🗑 TRASHHH

  39. Jessica Baca

    Omg, i am so over eye shadow palettes now. So boring already, and how much can one person need.

  40. Marina Melek

    I’ve been using Sally Hansen’s body foundation spray thingo and it’s amazing but I actually came across one of Bondi sands products GLO it’s the same thing but in liquid form not spraying all over. My option Bondi sands has more coverage and you can build on it whereas sally Hansen does have decent coverage you can’t really build. That’s just my two cents..

  41. Barbara Rice

    Now following effinbirds

  42. Barbara Rice


  43. SilverBanfaith

    I'm very into the cynical reporting this time. Why do I like it when you're done with everyone's shit?

  44. Brandie Rollason

    On the bottom of the colour-pop lippie Stix the 19 E2 number is that the batch code? If so they all have the same batch code

  45. Amy Robertson

    19:05 Spongebob Square…. shirt or pants??? 😂😂😂

  46. Wendy P M

    Please don't come sit on my furniture with makeup on your legs

  47. Tina Fox

    I’ve been buying liquid bronzers for my legs for YEARS. It’s been a thing for a really long time. Victory Secret, has always had these products, and they are also found at department stores fairly cheap. They are so good for vacation. 💜💜💋And yes, some of these products it’s 💵 in the 👉🏼🗑 can for sure, if purchased!

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