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  1. Threelly AI

    Youtube comments are full of amusements sometimes….

  2. teimuraz8

    Unbelievers will be 132, better to calm down under god!

  3. L H

    All those adding their skepticism and vile remarks to undermine the video are missing the point. Have to feel sorry for those that choose to attack someone's faith and belief. It is not forced on anyone. God offers and we either choose Him or reject Him.

  4. Sikandar Hussain

    Simple it's depends on rules
    What will happen if we subtract or divided
    It's just for making fun because this is……… 😏😏😏😎

  5. Chile Wong

    It looks like Pyramids!!!!

  6. علي عمر

    This app is a good challenge to see how fast you are in mathematics

  7. Christopher White

    I see the numbers floating in the air then do my math as i shop and place those number in place visual mind placement works for me

  8. Funny Myth

    Well, that was one of the most retarded things I've ever seen.

  9. AlfredFrost 101

    I watched this 13 time juest now cause… IT'S…!!! SO…!!! INS…!!! PIRING…!!!

  10. AlfredFrost 101

    You Know what betbet27?, im gonna subscribe you for making a video about math, And s[pecialy about GOD.

  11. AlfredFrost 101

    That Inspired me VERY MUCH!!!!

  12. AlfredFrost 101


  13. dawonplace

    9*9+7=88; 98*9+6==888; 987*9+5=8888.  God bless.

  14. Isaac Zhao

    this music though wtf

  15. the droid

    strangely inspiring

  16. curiosity zero

    video was fine for the first few minutes but i began to loose interest when it turned into 'nonsesnse'


    It's really sad you had to throw religion in there.
    It was a brilliant video and was ready to add it to my math playlist, but up until the end, it just ruined it. .

  18. leow193

    That's a load of bullshit

  19. Coucoutchicou

    Soooo ….Love of Dog = 101%…….Hatred of God = 103% ….. and Love of Satan = 130%…
    So much for religion…..!!!

  20. Help me get to 500 subs please thank you

    Oh woops sorry i fell asleep. Wait a sec… (Doing very complicated math) 1664%!

  21. Nurlan Omurzakov

    God hates you – equals – 140%!

  22. Nurlan Omurzakov

    God does not exist – equals – 195%! It's the god does not exist that will put you over the top!

  23. Nurlan Omurzakov

    God doesn't exist! Stop religious bullshit!

  24. Don Claybrook, Sr.

    Well, of course if it didn't have that beautiful symmetry, it wouldn't work. Kinda like the bible. One can make it say about anything one wishes to. I believe that's why the Word says, "Study to show thyself approved unto God. A workman that need not be ashamed but rightly dividing the word of God." Don

  25. Steven Doan

    fuck god

  26. Hilary Siu

    Good video

  27. Titan Army

    hate of god gives 102% so do the math

  28. marklbrown

    HAHAHA! This is not theology. It's just fun. Not to be taken seriously. LOL!

  29. Ziquafty Nny

    Fucking numerology shit. How about switching to another language or base? kek

  30. Chris Gamboa

    Can anyone give me all list of the music that was added? Thanks

  31. Jason Rudolph Kruger

    Hi, I have a question for you well kind of. Any number no matter how big divided by 9 then divided by the 100th of the original number always equals 1.11111 . Well I can't find this observable fact anywhere and I hope you guy's can help. Ex. 58345/9=6482.7777777777777777777777777778/583.45= 11.111111111111111111111111111111 . And of course if divided by 9 again well we all know that. I can't help but want to understand this property of 9. Thanks

  32. Jim Holroyd

    and Love of Dog will also be 101%

  33. sibsbubbles

    determination=147%. trust me. don't take anyone's shit… especially organized religions cults, harsh critics, yourself, anyone or everyone. just don't give up for you. you are the one who makes it worth being you. that's so much more important. give up on you, that's the end and that's real trouble.

  34. SnoopyDoo

    Too bad. God only loves those who use English. For everyone else, the numbers just don't add up.

  35. Suzi Sandoval

    Nice video

  36. Artur Czekalski

    Numerology like astrology.

  37. dawonplace

    Thanks Betbet.  Love math. 1*8+1=9                                               12*8+2=98

  38. emil klitmose

    lost me at "love of god"

  39. Matthew Blair

    nice try i love this work but if a=1b=2c=3… then love of god would be 101/351=287=29%

  40. Alexander Crocker

    Worshipping Satan= 209% =P

  41. Helen Barker

    1/81 = 0.01234567901234567901234567901234567901
    1/9801 = 0.00010203040506070809101112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233343536373839404142434445464748
    1/998001 = 0.000001002003004005006007008009010011012013014015016017018019020021022023024
    1/99980001 = 0.0000000100020003000400050006000700080009001000110012
    1/9999800001 = 0.0000000001000020000300004000050000600007

  42. Bearosalss99

    thats was incredible love all you did with the love and God things so cool
    I also love the music
    Great video ignore the nasty comments

  43. PiethagorasTearem

    this is pretty fucking stupid.

  44. Titom

    Whats a God?

  45. cheuk chi wong

    1/1089=0.0009182736455463728191 (22 period)
    1/110889=0.000009018027036…972981991 (333 period)
    1/11108889=0.00000009001800270036…997299819991 (4444 period)

    1/3267=0.000306091215182124273033363942454851545760636669727578818487909397 (66 period)
    1/332667=0.000003006009012…990993997 (999 period)
    1/33326667=0.00000003000600090012…999099939997 (13332 period)

    1/81=0.012345679 (without 8) (9X1=9 period)
    1/9801=0.0001020304050607…9495969799 (without 98) (99X2=198 period)
    1/998001=0.000001002003004005006007…994995996997999 (without 998) (999X3=2997 period)
    1/99980001=0.00000001000200030004000500060007…99949995999699979999 (without 998) (9999X4=39996 period)

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