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  1. Mary Souza

    Can someone tell me where I can find this movie with subtittles? portuguese mainly

  2. Diana North

    so awesome. can anyone please tell me what movie their watching at 2:23? i know its a silent one, but i can't tell if its with Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin or wc fields or something.

  3. Jackie L

    "Daddy, you need to eat some meat and vegetables ok?" Theres a TV dinner in front of the dad! I don't think they count! lol

  4. OreadNYC

    Alix thought she was running *away* from things (deciding what to do with the house, etc.) but I think that without consciously realizing it, she was also running *to* something — or rather, to someone — that she knew she needed and that would be there for her.

  5. OreadNYC

    "Most of the time, I don't notice. Is that weird?"


    That's called LOVE, girlfriend.

  6. shopppguril

    is this guy gonna get a makeover?

  7. HopeUnquenchable

    @daisygirl50 It happens to a lot of terminally ill cancer patients in their last days: pain, drugs and knowing they're dying can make them uncharacteristically irritable sometimes. But he knows she's trying, and he loves her even if he's acting crotchety.

  8. Danna

    @NatiGhan LMFAOOO

  9. T Davis

    @sagilady523 Thank you my friend 🙂
    Yeah this was such a great movie!!

  10. sagilady 8

    @atlasshrugged2u That's ok at least you are human enough to apologise!

  11. Nina Turner

    i love him

  12. daisygirl50

    y the dad being crotchety man she's trying sheesh!!

  13. MissNans!

    The guy's hair annoys me more than his face, is there a reason why the hair is like that?? He needs to break 2 eggs and a little bit of honey in that dry, frizzy hair!! 😀

  14. Allison Barnes

    I am so sad that this movie isn't for sale anywhere – it's so beautiful! I really wish they would make more movies like this nowadays.

  15. T Davis

    Ok, this is really getting good. Sorry about what I said on the other pages. Sometimes you have to just sit, be patient, and let the movie speak to you before you judge. The guys "soul" is totally beautiful.

  16. Rachelle Zuk

    That would be the best way to pass over. How beautiful, literally.

  17. Fight0Tyranny


    Me too!

  18. TheQueenchica

    He reminds me of a lion!

  19. Ann Li Oz

    Agreed. What a lovely gentle caring and protective man. Very Sweet. Enjoying this film immensely…

  20. Emily Greene

    I would love to marry a guy like Lee.

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