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  1. M.E.

    Yes that ear bite hurt. Your ear is so red

  2. Livi Renea

    Don't feel bad. The ONLY reason I was attracted to that Morphe O2 palette was because of that orange and that red shimmer called Ruby. 😍 It's a wonderful thing.

  3. BlingBea Dowdy

    Awe he is so gorgeous, love when you show your birds. So happy to hear he is doing well, prayers for him, bless you for saving him, Birb perfect. Your eye look is stunning. 😘

  4. L G

    Birds are so cool. They’re the closest we’ll ever get to knowing what an actual dinosaur was like! The anthropology nerd in me loves that. Birb is SOO cute and also…girl….that LIP COLOR ON YOU 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  5. Tara Wood

    Also I love that your left ear is pink from Birb smooching you then chewing on your ear 😍

  6. Tara Wood

    Yaaaaaaaay Birb ❤️ I love you both! I’m so happy for the update! One of my cats, Chester, loves to love on me but then he gets like violent about it lol.

  7. Bonnii Weeks

    Hailey… Dolly Varden wants you and Birb to know that at our (read her) new house has Rainbow Lorikeets, Pale Headed Rosella's and some other birds… she's beside herself now the African Violet across the road is starting to flower… <3 Glad Birb has a name and is doing so well <3 P.S I sooo have to not even look at hakuhodo site…..

  8. Rebecca

    Just got round round to watching this and Birb is getting my African Grey Gizmo very excited while we watch this together. He is currently tapping the screen and saying hello. ❤️

  9. Ora • oopswrongcookie

    How do you put mascara on with a tiny fan brush? Tutorial, please?

  10. Bestany

    Birb is gorgeous! Wow! And so playful, I love it 🙂.

  11. Joley Beck

    I love your monthly recap videos, but the only thing I love even more is that you included birb in this video! Please do more videos with your birds. Birds and makeup are two of my favorite things!

  12. Minoo Verdi

    What is that beeping sound? I was watching you late last night and thought something was going off in my home. Then realised it was you.

  13. Valeatrah Lyn

    Oh my fucking GOD BIRB I LOVE HIM

  14. Joanne A

    At 1st i thought u wanted to call him verb 😂

  15. Shell 28

    Wow birb looks fantastic 😁😁

  16. Ashleigh Kennedy

    Did your other birds tests come back for beak and feather disease?

  17. Lisa Marie

    Your little rescue bird Birb (sp?) is so pretty/handsome! Thanks for the update on him! He's adorable and so fun!

  18. Chrystal Van Dusseldorp

    Thank you for the update on Birb! His feathers look so shiny and healthy, he's beautiful. I really hope Morphe comes out with a mattifying formula of the continuous mist, i want to try it so badly but im way too oily. Thanks for the recap!💋💋💋

  19. Bronwen Stead

    I know you guys will do a Christmas episode, but could you also do a recap of what you personally are looking at or are tempted by?? Ta!

  20. Pihla Pietila

    I love that makeup look! So gorgeous😍

  21. Rayan .A

    Love these update videos !! They're awesome thanks so much ! And omg your bird is gorgeous , so beautiful how you show love and care to your animals, I've seen on Instagram stories how sweet and amazing you are with your pets and I think it's so heart touching you're such a beautiful soul

  22. Ramblings from Canada

    I'm in love with Birb 🐦🐦😍😍😍

  23. Julian Fowles

    omg birb is adorable

  24. Ellie Gibson

    😂 hi birb!

  25. Hilary Calderwood

    Aww I'm so happy that Birb has settled! I'm trying to get my Galah Birdie to play with balls like that, but she's not interested. She prefers to rub her beak on fabric.

  26. Elizabeth L

    Your teeth are looking AMAZING!

  27. Allie Greenwell


  28. Marta Kajkowska

    Can you do hourglass confessions lipsticks swatch video? 😍

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