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  1. natalie gooden



    I can't stop crying but this movie is an excellent one 💟

  3. Karen Achieng

    This is one of da bst mum in law hv ever seen,even when his own son denies sandra she stands by her side….
    Hw i wish i get one like her…
    Great movie

  4. Rosemond Gyamfi

    Good Movie. And I like Greg's mother, because she is Loving,caring,patience,understanding etc. If all mother in-laws can stand for you in a situation like this, then there wouldn't be enough broken homes.

  5. Goofy M

    men men men, so all of a sudden the baby is his blood. Im glad that this is just a movie

  6. Abena Tiger

    That's it, it's so easy to judge and crucify our fellow human…always take time to be in somebody's shoes, to feel somebody's pains especially those you pretend to love. When a love one confide in you, he/she needs your love sympathy and support.

  7. Child of God

    great movie

  8. texture90

    This sandra sef is a useless girl. How in God's name did she get herself mixed up with a useless character as greg? even to the extent of carrying his child? I know it's a movie but damn, i got a huge dislike for greg

  9. LoLA NiZER

    The producer got to go back to skul,cause he got everfin messed up like,
    1)D DNA which was taken frm d comb d prostituit made use of,was actually wat led to d failure of d DNA test.
    2)The hairstyle they fixed at d beggining was wat they had till d end of d movie.
    In conclution it was a fairly gud movie 🙂

  10. crazzigood

    Greg was not wrong at all! Yes, maybe he should have told sandra why he was suspicious but it was TWO dna test so it was natural of him to feel that way. He could have been a little more sensitive but he wasn't. Sad ending though, I wanted them to get back together:(

  11. Wendy Lovejoy Real Estate Investor

    I thought it was a good movie and I enjoyed it Thanks

  12. Oputa nkenamchi edwin

    nice movie…but it was jst too long and stupid…. in fact it should have ended in part 2….this was jst a waste of tym

  13. mummy ugbo

    we dont hv to wipe over the people that live our life, there is a better reason for there living, for the right one to come in, nice movie

  14. Aokrad

    I'm happy that at least she gave him custody to see the baby and man Greg was really cold i'm the other movies but if I was Sandra and I truly loved Greg I wouldn't have married again! Forgiveness is the best medicine to repair their relationship and that guy she married reminds me of ralph !

  15. Queen Blacqe

    sandra u be big fool

  16. maxx freemax

    THIS is not gregs fault

  17. maxx freemax

    what is njideka okeke doing in movie industry this is not her call ,she and her husband are always annoying

  18. Love All

    nice movie God Bless realnollymovies.

  19. Odera Jerome

    wonderful sound track. i could listen to the music 24/7 52. Lovely. However, gone are the days when children are handed over to a said father in this manner. Today, you share custody. i couldn't give anybody my child just like that.

  20. MsJennifer1004

    He didn't deserve the custody of that child. This movie is so stupid!

  21. clickclarkable

    so his mom could not make a difference between black hair and woman hair

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