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    The colorpop, as other colored mascaras, you need a white primer to make them pop.

  2. T Crider

    I always know of something better than their picks usually UM, Sometimes I wonder about these decisions… hmmmmm It almost seems like they might be paying to be nominated or something , possibly?? Skeptical… Yes, Ive bought several of the items mentioned, and took alot of them back… I have one of the kaja eyeshadow stacks, but mine has 2 mattes and a shimmer, and i like the mattes better than the shimmer. Chocolate Dahlia. I hated the Jelly highlighter from wet n wild, havent tried the shadow, but that shhh was soooo messy!!! the butter london jelly is amazing, I have oil slick and LOVE it… Took back the bare minerals stick foundation because even though it was really nice, it looked beautiful and FELT great, but mine smelled like wet towels that got left in the washer a few days, and the smell stayed on my face all day too… Shiseido makeup is EVERYTHING, Dont have the foundation, but have tried 2 of the whipped blush pots and LOVE, the vision airy gel lipstick, the crystal clear gel gloss, lasts forever and is more jelly so not sticky whatsoever, the syncro skin gel stick concealer is fabulous, the silk pressed powder is perfection it literally looks like SKIN, and the Mascara with the spiky brush is fantastic too…. Love that Fenty liner too, DO YOUR OWN BEAUTY AWARDS!!!!

  3. Courtney McLaurin

    You have such great teeth😁

  4. Monica Hollis

    Super goop makes a realllyyyy good sunscreen/primer!

  5. Katherine Gabrielle

    I'm watching this for how entertaining you are. ALLURE IS A SELL OUT MAGAZINE.

  6. Megan Harrell

    ALLURE— THE BEST OF BEAUTY 2019: the largest paid advertisement this year

  7. MrsKel1

    Iv always been convinced that companies just pay Allure to be a pick.

  8. rosa galeano

    Unseen Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 40 is really good

  9. Natalie Moliterno

    Rach: That's just a way to reccomend more products.
    Allure: leaves the chat.

  10. Rebecca Osborn

    I used the Supergoop pot eyeshadow all summer, they are great!! I wouldn't call them a jelly as the consistency is more like a mousse. They are fabulous! And they have an SPF which makes them great for all day outdoor activities. If you haven't tried them I would definitely recommend.

  11. hmmm why not use ur own vitamin cocktail for ur skin

  12. Ina NICULAE

    Wtf we all now that’s not the best palette of the year

  13. Ashley Lamora

    Oh my goodness I am so late! You look stunning and I love the color blue that particular color is definitely your color!

  14. Kiki Terhune

    I like Kaja eye shadows! They are really good bang for your buck (they are only 19.99 at my Sephora) and yes while Stilla is a good brand and I DO really like them they are just ti expensive for me (I splurge on my foundation)

  15. Celeste Ritz

    I use the same brush for bronzer lmao! 💜

  16. Margaret Merrick

    Next year would you do a best or drugstore version and high end version? Then give the ones you would choose vs the allure winners? Just an idea.

  17. Shanrell Kremer

    The Supergoop CC cream was awesome. For what I like, anyway.😄

  18. Kristin Puckett

    Rach i have not tried super goop but sounds awesome!

  19. Jessica Terbay

    The supergoop CC cream is incredible. Love it so much.

  20. mary davis

    God God. Her eyes look like their bloody.

  21. Kathryn Grubb

    I've been subscribed to Allure for years and have noticed that they choose some of the same products year after year. Although, I can understand there are some tried and true products, with all the new launches and brands, you would think they would have have at least some of the newer products on the list. Personally, I've lost confidence in their "Best Of" and don't take it seriously anymore.

  22. *TailorandMakeup *

    I'm curious about that foundation though, how it wears etc

  23. Abigael Ellen

    A lot of this could never be the best because it’s tested on animals. Yuck.

  24. Jennifer Willingham

    I thought the fit me blushes were nice at first, I've had three of them, but after a while all of them had hard pan. I thought it was my fault, maybe, so I repurchased the color I liked the most, and the same thing happened.

  25. its ya girl liz

    I could've sworn desert dusk was 2018

  26. Vanessa Rogers

    Supergoop has really nice sunscreens that don’t clog your pores or break me out

  27. Kellie P.

    They do have a "matte black" version of that covergirl liner.

  28. Crystal Poole

    Hey Rachh, Shoppers Drug Mart has a 'Spend Your Points' event, and I'm using some of my points to get YOUR palette. Just thought I'd let you know lol. Much Love to you.

  29. Rebecca Darling

    Am I the only one who feels the Allure awards have become something that many companies probably pay to be on the list for?

  30. Amy Black

    I have 2 Maybelline blushes. I never get them out. I think the CoverGirl Cheekers are so much better. The single blushes are great and the trios are fantastic. The highlighter you get is so pretty. Even at my age of 50 they look so nice.

  31. Renée Yell

    Hey I think have that same sweater! 💖 I got mine at H&M 🙃

  32. Wendy Ward USN/ Combat RN

    Sorry, but that foundation color didn't match your neck and chest AT ALL .

  33. Wendy Ward USN/ Combat RN

    I hope you are feeling well? As a nurse, I can hear your terribly scratchy, raw throat. Bless you. Feel better. 🙏🏻🙂

  34. Wendy Ward USN/ Combat RN

    Thanks for trying all of these for us!! I found out ( as your newest sub) that you are in CANADA! Didn't realize! I think the list is just a big advertisement page. They likely pay big money to be on the list. I'm sceptical.😕 Anyway, thanks for trying them all. 💕🎉 Hope you and baby are doing well. May God Bless you and keep you safe. 💕🙂🙏🏻

  35. Kashish Goel

    I work in the beauty industry and can tell you THESE BRANDS PAY TO BE ON ALLURE’S LIST! Allure as a magazine is in the toilet because basically no one reads print media anymore and their former editor-in-chief and founder (who I heard speak at a panel) admitted to getting fired because she spent too much $$$ on her personal wardrobe than on redirecting the magazine 🙄 After she was replaced, they brought in this “allure box” to get revenue and new brands (like that awful “Wander” nonsense) paid to get in it + on the “best of beauty” lists. The lists used to be somewhat honest until a few years ago but now trust me, they’re ALL paid for. You’re seriously telling me that freaking wander beauty has a ton of products in the “best” category!? 😂😂😂 Allure is trash. I signed up for a beauty box just to get my Caudalie new member free gift and then I bounced 👋🏼

  36. nicola offert

    Rachel you're looking so glowy and healthy, your skin is beautiful. I love your videos 😘 😘

  37. Brielle Szendre

    i love how your title rhymes haha love you rachel!

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