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  1. Rolake Omi

    They all look beautiful 💯

  2. Afrin's Lifestyle Studio

    Amazing 👌😍🙌

  3. NiGiVlog

    This is society not just the media. It didn't start with the media.

  4. Coolstool Games

    physical beauty standards are ok but charisma is more beautiful

  5. youcometome9

    Most people are average to look at. Can we just accept it ?

  6. Via Brus

    This is really powerful, thank you for sharing this.


    Hmm Korean girl, take that cow ring out of your nose, don't get lousy dye jobs, quit dressing like a boy, stop blaming white people and you'll look a whole lot more presentable. And there are tonnes of Korean actors so quit moaning how there's "no one who looks like me" in the entertainment industry.

  8. H. Marsh

    "Be Beautiful" Okay. Am I the only bitter ass woman saying I don't want myself or other individuals of my gender to be valued based on appearance in the first place? Men have countless male role models like Albert Einstein, presidents, Benjamin Franklin, Stephen Hawking, who are not physically attractive. But no one cares. They are held up as examples of the greatest men to aspire to be like. What do women have as the female equivalent of that? We have no one. No physically unattractive women are venerated in society the way men can take for granted. That's fucking bullshit.

  9. European Heart

    They’re all ugly…

  10. Beauty_vet

    The media is destroying self esteems daily

  11. ibmor Joe

    I would bet a million dollars. Not one of these bitches not getting dick down. Cuz ill shownuff be that guy if you are not.

  12. Christ died for our sins

    Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures was buried and rose again on the third day according to the scriptures 1 Corinthians 15:3

  13. seeker of peace

    My heart broke when that girl said she did not feel beautiful at all , cuz she is so beautiful and they all have some great unique features

  14. Wandering Unicorn

    Just want to let everyone know that you are beautiful in your own way. We all have different skin tones, hair, eyes, bodies, etc. It would be boring if it wasn't that way. Just take care of your body and stay healthy. Be kind to others. Shine from the inside

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