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  1. SarahBethYoga

    I hope you enjoy this gentle, feel good, routine! Make sure you subscribe for a new yoga video each week! 🙏🏽 SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/sarahbethyoga
    Try the 💙 HIPS SLOW STRETCH: http://bit.ly/25minHIPS

    Sarah Beth

  2. Amanda Parrish

    Will this video help with a sore tailbone

  3. TheFotifoti


  4. Abi S

    I don't usually get back pain but this worked like a charm today! Thank you 😊

  5. khaila sawalha

    Hello Sara, Thank you for the amazing collection. Do you have a calendar. I like to follow a schedule instead of randomly picking and choosing from the playlist. Thank you for your generosity.

  6. Maurey Berdoy

    Wonderful practice and wonderful channel xx

  7. K. HS.

    Thank you. Thank you so much, Sarah Beth.
    I can't even tell you how great this felt and how grateful I am for your entire 'Yoga for Back Pain' playlist.

  8. Reza Hejazi

    Dear Sarah,
    Many thanks for everything, I ve done all your playlist for beginners, please let me know what next is…

  9. Rhonda L

    I loved this routine and I am so glad it is back! Thank you SarahBeth!

  10. Philippa Grant

    I find this practice perfect for relaxing and easing my back at the end of the day and I love Sarah’s pace and style

  11. samantha neice

    This was perfect after having low back surgery. Easy, relaxing, and rehabilitating.

  12. Bernadine Cabanas

    Hello Sarah. I do this practice every day ! It became a habit since . After my work, this practice is so good for my back. Thank you so much.

  13. pelllarosa

    This is a very nice and calming practice for those "lazy evenings". Thank you, Sarah!

  14. Destiny O'Neal

    This was very relieving for my sciatica pain! I have been dealing with lower back/butt pain for a while now and just beginning my yoga journey a year ago I have recently discovered I can also use these practices to heal the pain! This video is one of the top videos that has benefited me!

  15. Shana Durand

    SarahBeth your yoga sessions are my go to for my home practice. The neck and back sessions really ease the pain I get from psoriatic arthritis & help keep me functional & mobile. Thank you so much 😘🙏🏽💜🌊

  16. Emily Russell

    Good stuff!

  17. Ishbel Campbell

    only just started the video, lay down and my back gave the biggest clunk ever…

  18. • Yolechka •

    Happy to find you Sarah Beth❤️

  19. Be Positive Think Positive

    Thank you

  20. Grace King151436


  21. Jessica Finney

    Have never tried lifting the legs whilst in butterfly pose which is hard enough but this practice asks for the head and shoulders to lift off the mat at the same time when lifting up the butterfly legs/feet. It must also be a good abs exercise as well I imagine. Will definitely do this one again. Love all your videos, 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻except for pregnancy ones which are not relevant to me! 😅😂🤪🤣

    This is my fifth if your videos, I have done today. I am running out free time to try out your amazing videos. 😱

  22. Rosanne Deptuch

    Hi, I've been doing your yoga routines twice a day for the last week and a half and I absolutely love them. I like the routines, your voice and the background music. Thank you so much for these 🙂 Namaste

  23. Priya Nagaraj

    Your videos are so helpful Sarah! Thank you!

  24. Mélanie Doiron

    I enjoyed this. I really love the slow pace. Thank you Sarah Beth!

  25. Zoe Moorcroft

    In the midst of another bad back pain flare up so I'm back to this practice. Forgotten how much I love it.

  26. Pam Porter

    This routine is perfect for my morning lower back and hip yoga stretches and relaxation. Thank you.

  27. Trisha Zmijewski

    Thank you for making this video. I like the slow pace and the fact these are things beginners can actually do. 😊

  28. Nadine Schmid

    excellent sequence. i am one week after giving birth and this is a lovely gentle way to get back into yoga and relieve my lower back pain. thank you so much! x

  29. Delta Dawn

    oh wow! the shoulder blades up and legs off the floor. Intense but LoVEd it.

  30. Larissa Thayne

    Yesterday I did my first set of deadlifts with weights and I did it completely wrong by using my back to lift instead of my legs and today the pain was excruciating. I iced it, I used inflammatory medicines, and even just trying to get active. Nothing helped. Came to this video and after just 20 minutes my pain went from a 10 to a 4.. thank you for sharing this video with us💗💗💗

  31. Smith Brook Hollow

    aaah, that felt so good!

  32. Etta Wing

    I broke my back. Maybe 15 years ago.

  33. Happinnessucks

    I'm super relieved after this super gentle sequence, thank you very much!!

  34. Kareem El-Hini

    Thank you sarabeth for your very easy to follow and pleasant videos

  35. DC930NO2010

    This is my "go to" practice whenever I notice my back pain starting to flare.  Love all your videos. You're the best teacher on YouTube. Namaste.

  36. Nicola Fennel

    really great video! so calm. I use this when I really don't feel like practicing but I want to stay committed to my daily yoga practice. works perfectly! thank you

  37. Kimberly Vanderholst

    I have had a really stressful workweek with very little sleep. This yoga practice reminded me how tense I was and it felt so good relaxing all of that tension and stress. I feel so much better now! <3

  38. Teresa Moore

    Thank you

  39. Ania Comerford

    I love this! Sooo relaxing!

  40. Margaret Lewis

    Have been following improve flexibility yoga for a few weeks and thought that i would change my routine this morning and what a perfect video for lower back pain. The pace, the music and your instructions are so easy to follow enen with eyes closed. A convert to your style of delivery SarahBeth. Many thanks from Australia and wishing you and all your followers a pain free 2017.

  41. Mandi Virk

    I'm so thankful I've ran across your channel. Your voice is very relaxing and I love the soft relaxing music so much!!! Best Yoga channel I've ever seen!

  42. Paulette Crowley

    Fabulous! Thanks. 🙂

  43. uWu

    Thank you my lower back has been killing me !

  44. Tantri Kadiman

    Absolutely loved this! Thanks Sarah-Beth!

  45. Poppy Quinn

    This video gave me instant relieve for my lower back – perfect as I was about to get into bed for the night and this practise is very relaxing. Thanks Sarah!

  46. Jeanie Gregory

    I started doing your yoga a couplenweeks ago fo my scoliosis, I have done those videos a few times. I don't have mild scoliosis, mine has gotten worse over the years and I do feel better after doing your videos but would love more for videos for scoliosis. I have checked out lots of videos for this but like yours the best, just need more. Thank you for sharing your talent!

  47. Katie Fay

    I've been having been major lower back pain since I had my baby and this really helped relieve it!! Thank you!!!!

  48. Penelope Brainstorm

    Thank you Sarah Beth for all your videos I have been doing most of your videos everyday for about six months now after doing yoga classes for 2 yrs. I have MS and I was doing so well getting so strong then I went from injections after 12 yrs to tablets and my health hit rock bottom after 3 months on them. I have been bed ridden with nausea and dizziness for about 3 weeks but while I was in bed I recalled your poses like wing pose etc. and these helped me ease my back pain and leg pain while I lay there. I am up now moving slowly but grateful I can get out of bed and this video is just what I needed to help my thigh muscles and back get strong again. I know you are taking things slow as well at the minute and I wish you a speedy recovery xx thank you so much, you are a great person and a great teacher xx

  49. Suzanne Miller

    This was a great release. I was wondering if any of your videos are both relieving and energizing at the same time. It seems as if most restorative videos head towards a very relaxing practice, and I know there are times that I would like to relieve pain through more fluid and energizing movement. Namaste.

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