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  1. Kelly Mcmillan

    Gaston shore never of wone

  2. Alfieandmillie Rutterandmadgewick

    Millie Mae madgewick ok

  3. Sushma Rai


  4. Joebert Magsayo

    I loooooooovvvvvvveeeee totaly tv hahaha😁😁😁 ✌✌✌

  5. viola alto

    OMG! His face was soo red when he ate the sour candy!

  6. Yanelis Alina Rodriguez

    Good Yah l do not nod

  7. Rezaul Islam


  8. ingrid rehkoph

    This is cringe

  9. Angel Jain


  10. Christopher Lombard

    Blue or green

  11. Louise Mongan

    elsa's outfit

  12. Aio Baterna

    Gaston is funny

  13. Ava Wilson

    You spelled friend rong

  14. Aimee Baldwin

    O-o eggs? Delivering e-e-eggs……… why e-eggs? I will 3at doze eggys throws eggs alll over me wait- AAAAAAHHHHHHHH ITS RAW AAAAAAHHHHHHHH oh wait nvm it ain’t- oh god it is raw AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AAAAAHHHH GET WATER GET WATER pours bucket of water over me I’ll show you .some bloopers in my comments

  15. Jim Khader


  16. AJSINGH1319 PRO


  17. Neil Montilla

    I like to wear the outfit of mulan and merida , and elsa and belle

  18. Yuki Water69


  19. Vanessa 888 Kapin

    Adam is going to win

  20. Chloe Princess

    Adam is gonna win gaston is not gonna win

  21. Heddy Humaizi Hussain

    I watch Aladdin it was nice🙂

  22. Baby David

    i fill likw sad now

  23. Tiara Babaranda Guruge

    I only have uniforms ;-;

  24. Paulette Go

    Wait geston should be dead I mean the bridge broke and killed geston

  25. Ainsleigh Gray


  26. Endra Jayadinata

    Prince adam smells is 🌹 gaston smells like a BEAST POOPING 👹+💩

  27. a Wright


  28. Grace Hickson

    Adam adam

  29. Becky Andrews

    That was Cinderella

  30. Margarita Luna

    I did a beauty and the beast play and i was maurice and how date they say im crazy!!

  31. Frieda Keoun


  32. Marika Valero


  33. Melanie Jones

    Adem gas

  34. Jiselle love you Garcia

    I like the movie bell made

  35. Aurora Suggs


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