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  1. Azul Simmons

    Seems like everyone forgets Stan Efferding when talking bodybuilding and powerlifting. He seems to be one of the few that competed in powerlifting at an elite level and obtained his IFBB pro card working with Flex Wheeler.

  2. Huffman_Tree

    Children who are unilateral hearers (hearing loss on one ear) are at higher risk of underperforming academically compared to children with bilateral hearing [1]
    Adults with unilateral hearing loss seem to be worse at recognizing speech in noise.
    Most people seem to prefer listening on their right ear vs their left ear [3]. Apparently right ear dominance is about as common as right hand dominance.

    So, if you don't fix the sound, we might not be able to follow you as well. 😀

  3. qpgtyui1

    Can't listen to this, drives me crazy since it only plays on the left earphone 🙁

  4. edan513

    I did a seminar paper and case study exactly coffee's effect on VO2 max vs caffeine. Niether increase, but I remeber the Graham et al. lol. such a small world

  5. Badar Farooq

    Audio has an issue. Can only hear on left side

  6. John

    Re Back Pain

    Good to hear the study Greg summarized.

    Anecdotally, Pilates, swimming and lifting weights helped me the most. I’ve been doing open weight full contact Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo for the past 10+ years and have had two herniated discs in the lumbar spine. Currently recovering from a massively prolapsed disc as I write this.

    As far as physical therapy goes, most of the passive treatments aren’t great as Greg pointed out, but the McKenzie method which focuses on patient independence through exercises seems to have a lot of empirical support along the lines of what Greg was saying regarding other exercise. Simple back extensions seem to remedy most low back problems (walking and swimming offer quite a lot of back extension). People generally spend too much time in flexion due to our hunched over sedentary lifestyles, so consistent periodic extension can prevent a lot of problems and as someone dealing with a lot of back pain, I strongly recommend this preventive approach. (Source: McKenzie 2011)

  7. Joshua Perry

    Run the Julius

  8. Huffman_Tree

    Huh, something went wrong with your audio on YT. On Google Podcasts it's fine as usual, so it might be easy to fix for you with a reupload.

  9. Killer Content

    My left ear enjoys this.

  10. varun mishra


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