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  1. AceGetsFit

    yo brix jan1st i was 310 today in 290 ..thanks for all the vids n help man

  2. LV2H8ME 15

    FAKE BEN…👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿

  3. Kytrell Williams

    #brixsquad 💪🏾

  4. Jane Kiceniuk

    My nephew came over & told me he was eating an apple. I said "I don't see an apple", he held up his fruit roll up🤦

  5. Adam A

    I started my own weight loss journey in June. Since then I’m down nearly 100lbs 💪🏾
    Maybe my video can inspire others to change for the better

  6. Tiea Alexander

    we really need to get over this idea that a person has to be super fit to be happy there's nothing wrong with being happy in your skin and being satisfied! if you're healthy happy and living your life in balance then what's the problem?? Some people need to spend more time meditating and less time on the squat rack. 🧘🏾‍♀️ #innerwork

  7. Fletcher L

    I put you on my vision board bro! Bless

  8. caramelized sugar

    ok so he didn't lose crap all this time ! 6 mins in and it was obvious ….we don't need a 14 min video to know that he is just maintaining and not losing…This why we as black people are only like 3% of the fitness industry and it's still white dominated and we can't see more of us in it. PRO athletes NOT included… The people on my 600 pound life have more motivation than ben. Let him go ….NEXT!

  9. Alley Cat

    Well, this was disappointing.

  10. Melvin Murphy

    You the man Brix..🔥🔥🔥👍

  11. Jay Cook

    Good to see him again and glad he still working hard. I was wondering what happened in his transformation.

  12. Mela Britt

    I just bought some cheeto puffs, Reese's, & a Pepsi… 😞 I feel ashamed. Is there an aa program for food??? I know what I need to do …. Why am I not doing it 😩

  13. Tati M

    Brix you being way too nice.. Should've called him on his bullshit, he ain't about that life 🙄.. Like did he even lose weight???? I get results are seen in other ways but ehh idk sounds like he talking out his ass.. But anywaysss those muscles poking through that sweatshirt 👀💪🏼😏

  14. Jeffrey williams

    I can see food is still his best friend regardless what he do in the gym

  15. Harshan Prasad

    awesome stuff! Blown away and wanted to share that even now are unable to realize I melted away 53 lbs weight with this brilliant 5 second hack revealed here, simply Google excluding spaces EZdiets101 .c o m

  16. Jayed Ox

    11:40 This are facts. From 2 weeks of gymim every 1 was asking me about my skin routine. But really it was just those 4 days weekly exercises. So there is many benefits to gymim than losing weight. So keep at it.

  17. Sharon Schubert

    Should be cheat meal not cheat day. No buffets the food’s not healthy. Ben has to be truthful to himself going to the gym a few times a wk. is not enough, nutrition is 80%.
    I can so relate. I have 20 lbs. to lose and still struggling.

  18. peace& love

    Thanks from Egypt 🇪🇬

  19. Jose Medrano

    This is boring content y’all needa watch Pitbull Torres and Mookie

  20. Jose Medrano

    Soooooo did he lose weight ????

  21. Lyfe is Beautiful

    Homemade ripe banana oatmeal cookies with a few dark cocoa chips. Low sugar for kids.

  22. Eon Black

    Training 3-4 days a week AND a cheat day is not going to produce results. Dont snack and dont BS yourself.

  23. Caleb Ross

    Ben stop bsing him. Just be real.

  24. TheCoinmancer

    Great videos as always! Im back on track and feeling so good. Its definitely 100% mental with me… 2020 and beyond I think differently and I'm not letting the few years I have left be in bad health. Watching weight come off is a huge motivational boost but Im going for long term health now. 202 today. Down like 15 pounds in 12 days intermittent fasting, 3 mile walk, and some barbells. Thats all it took, and Im a life long fatass. I really invested in this fat lol Super thankful that the human body is resilient and I can still have hope for the future.

  25. Terri Lee

    Brix I see your muscle they the shirt tho

  26. Terri Lee

    Sitting here motivated but sipping wine. Ugh. Help

  27. Terri Lee

    Love this. I'm next

  28. A. Barnett

    Shout out to the #BrixSquad who likes Rob’s videos before even watching it

  29. Mike Thomas

    You got something, you’re mind needs to be on track. The mechanics is simple (exercise/nutrition). Can you give more info on the mental part of it? You’re info is really appreciated!

  30. Thelittlecutiepeach

    Brix I don't know if you remember me always commenting on your photos & journey, but I am down about -55lbs now & still going with Keto. I wish that I could train with you for problem areas & toning. I currently do my my stationary bike 2 to 3 times a week, some walking & go to the gym on the treadmill, elliptical machine, & some other gum equipment for my arms, back & love handles. 😁 Thanks for the post & updates & constant motivation. I'm going to keep at it. Many blessings.

  31. Sergio VMG

    Realest in the game

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