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  1. Melanie Laura

    Those eye shadows look gorgeous/gorgeous on you! I'm pretty particular about palettes but I think I would use most (all?) of those colors, which is shocking! I adore the blush too! This was lovely to watch 😍

  2. Vicky Bermudez

    Beautiful makeup look friend 😍 aaah, the eyeshadow palette is💖💖💖💖

  3. EJ Ghahreman

    You look lovely 🌸

  4. Anon user

    Thank you !!! I am waiting for mine. You just convinced me to get the setting powder ❤

  5. D.D.

    I simply love your style! Besame’s themed products are so lovely and well thought-out. ❤️ Great video.

  6. jengrenko

    Lovely job! The shadows are gorgeous!

  7. Jo Hughes

    Well Besame Cosmetics has excelled at this collection! I am in love with those eyeshadow shades doll! You look amazing with this look, that blue shadow looks stunning on you!
    I need to get this for sure!
    Thanks for sharing lovely! Xxxxx

  8. Uniquely Madison

    It is always a treat to see what new line Besame presents, and all the colors suited you so well!

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