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  1. Sleepopolis

    UPDATED LIST FOR 2020 Check out the Best Mattresses for Back Pain 2020: https://youtu.be/iuh6_uPUZp8

  2. Sleepopolis

    UPDATE: Check out my best mattress 2020 video:

  3. Robin Weidner

    The Casper Wave Luxe, The Nectar, The Helix Sunset LUXE, and Layla well dang pretty much any of these in their LUXE or soft version would make me HAPPY. I do lean towards the THe Casper Wave Luxe, the HELIX SUNSET LUX LAYLA and the and the WINKBED MERMORY LUXE, and the Purple Hybrid Premier
    OF COURSE. are my top choices just cuz they have are really soft for side sleepers. The BEAR is the only one that would probably be a bit to firm for me.

  4. Mandy

    What would you recommend besides Wink bed plus for a big person, like 300# & side sleeper with lower back pain?

  5. MISS D O L L Y

    I have wink bed. It’s sleeps way way way too hot I can’t use sheets

  6. Junior P Suarez

    Hello i have a question i bought a serta sertapedic plush pillow top i need your opinion because my lower back is getting sore I bought it plush because i sleep on my side but when im using my phone or watching tv l lay on my back i noticed that my feet are too elevated i think more than my shoulders the mattress is hurting my lower back and now my lower back is sore it has never happened to me with a plush pillow top but im thinking of buying a medium feel mattress firmness scale around 5.5
    do you think it would be better if i buy something more firm but that allows me to sleep on my side

  7. Radicalmary1

    Thank you for the informative video. Love the content provided in both the videos and website. I am in the market for a new mattress as the one I purchased a year ago leaves me experiencing back pain and does not offer relief. am reaching out for a personal recommendation. I am 110 lbs individual with a physically demanding job who mainly sleeps on their side and sometimes back. I am looking for a budget friendly mattress that can offer pressure relief and help alleviate back pain. What would you recommend for a lightweight person with my sleeping style? Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

  8. Tracey Blue

    Nest or Helix?? Which medium do you feel is best ??

  9. Thinking Impaired

    I wish your company marketed wedges and cervical pillows. Even though I feel confident in getting a mattress from your company I still require wedges and cervical pillows to sleep.

  10. Thinking Impaired

    great information to actually help in choosing a mattress. Nobody has ever produced a video that includes the information that you presented. I now feel comfortable in buying a mattress.

  11. k3vin94

    Very helpful video!

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