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  1. JEMUNI08

    Lisa, you look so beautiful on camera. I’m seeing a little bit of “Pamela”. Your eyes look beautiful. Happy New Year to you and your family. ❤️

  2. Lisa Evans

    Love love love all the Best in Beauty 2019 items! Thank you for sharing! And please do a GRWM for this look.

  3. clapatlon

    Lisa, you look very glamorous with your hair and makeup today

  4. Muggs x

    Your hair color looks great!! What brand and color did they use?

  5. My Life Wendy

    Happy New Year Lisa..

  6. Amanda Hough

    Love your makeup….it’s gorgeous. I so wish LM would bring their powders back, I have backups too but fingers crossed they re-release them. Thanks for sharing your favourites Lisa. Lots of love xx

  7. Miss G

    Ive been looking for a mirrored heart choker like the one you showed! I had a gold plated one but it would make me break out and I was so sad bc I couldn't wear it for more than one hour. I literally just purchased this one straight from your link!! Now I never have take it off! Thank you!!! Beautiful as always btw! 💕

  8. sontzi

    Your eye makeup is sublime!!!

  9. Sandra Castro

    Please do a video on this whole look 🙏

  10. Kristin Busby

    Happy New Year! Once again your videos have helped me get through a difficult time. I know it sounds silly but watching your videos has been my way to "escape" and take my mind off of everything. I'm praying 2020 and beyond is better because the last decade started off badly and ended badly. Would love to see more of your favorites videos and of course I love your hauls. Take care and God bless!

  11. mj Brownlee

    Oh No Lisa😢gorgeous lady like you should be at the fanciest best party bringing in the New Year…John NO! SIR! take this lady out on a date💕💕

  12. Chastity Davis

    Your makeup in this video is so gorgeous! Your skin looks healthy and perfect! Happy New Year! 😍🎉❤

  13. MMacKent

    Fabulous hair and make up today Lisa! Beautiful look!!

  14. S Douglas

    With your clothes, please show your all-time favorites because I'm interested in the wearing of clothes for a long time.

  15. Tessa Priddy

    I purchased your lip liner. Love it.

  16. Jenkie Jenkins

    I also got the Spanx high rise flare in the cropped style.

  17. Jill C

    Your makeup and hair look beautiful today!🥰

  18. Amber Lynn

    Loved the video! You look beautiful! Happy new year my love!

  19. Catherine Montalbano-Harris

    I totally agree with you Lisa…Scott Barnes has made me rethink how much I love the Snatural look. I purchased his eye palette as well as the blush and highlight palettes. I have a feeling this will be my Ride or Die for 2020. In addition Tati’s Vol 1 is gorgeous. Lastly, I loved Shiseido BB Sport last year when you first mentioned it and I am still loving it and using it.

  20. Days With Deb

    I never thought I would stray from my beloved La Mer powder, but on your recommendation I tried the Chanel powder and love it! 😊

  21. Sarah Foreman

    What lip combo is that I love that!! And could you do a GRWM for that look.. Please! You and Tammy are my Beauty Guru Hero’s 💋 Also, what is the liquid eyeliner that you like in 2019? You didn’t mention the name…

  22. TheLeatherB

    Sooo close to 100k!!!

  23. Cindy Lavertu

    Good morning! I love the Spanx skinny pants. I also have a pair of the velvet leggings. I am hooked on the Spanx line now! I cannot wait to try more.

  24. Samantha Rausch


  25. C’ NEL

    I bought the jacket your Dad bought you. Love it! Thank you for sharing

  26. Keim Johnson

    Happy New Year

  27. Vilma Ochoa

    Love your make up, you look beautiful Happy New Year!


    Thank you for your great videos, Lisa!
    You look gorgeous too! 💕

  29. Toni Hicks

    I’m so excited for you. You are almost at 100k subscribers. ❤️

  30. Linda Grimmond

    Happy new year truly love all your content. Hope you get to 100k subs this year you so deserve it

  31. lethopefloat

    Hi Lisa! Have you ever tried the Tom Ford foundation stick? I've been considering trying it. I'd love to know your thoughts! Thank you.

  32. cinsta8

    I love the classic hollywood curls on you! Gorgeous! Happy New Year!

  33. Lori Weinrib

    Happy New Year Lisa!!!! So close to 100K subbies!!!

  34. Maura Noonan

    The Dry Bar dry shampoo is the best dry shampoo for fine hair. I have the Triple Sec and actually prefer the basic dry shampoo for my hair type.

  35. Mel Style

    Any goals to share with us in 2020?

  36. Francine Carr

    This is my favorite hair color on you! 🙂

  37. Konnie Thrash

    Thank you Lisa. Look forward to all your videos in 2020 💜

  38. Danette Birch

    Hi Lisa what color nail polish are you wearing?Thanks for your video,and Happy New Year .

  39. Sandra Aguilera

    Exactly my shade B51 I love that Chanel foundation!

  40. Jeannine Grant Powell

    What was the name of the eyeliner?

  41. Nwad

    Love the darker eye.

  42. Victoria Galvin

    Happy New Year! 🎊 2020 will be great—my first baby is due in April! Can’t wait to meet him. Loved seeing your favorites. Wishing you health & happiness in the New Year.

  43. Mellissa Cook

    Happy New Year!!!

  44. XimenaWest

    Happy New Year.
    I love your videos so much.
    You’re one of my favorites YT creators. Love u .
    Xoxo 💋

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