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  1. SaucerJess


  2. Lorie F

    I always love your videos. Your earrings are super pretty and frame your face well with your hair this way. Always waiting for new cruise outfits and looking forward to another try on video.

  3. R Williams

    LOVE Bosch!!!

  4. Yady McKinley

    Happy New Year, Crystal!

  5. Tamatha

    Thanks for tips! You always know the best of everything. 🙂 And you look super-pretty today.

  6. MQS 1

    Happy New Year! ☕️Fantastic picks per usual 💕Looking good Crystal 😘

  7. Belinda Klar

    Love the purse wanting to pick it up for my Birthday in March for big 60🤦‍♀️😉🎉🥳🎂🎈💖

  8. Marnie Goldberg

    Great recommendations! I’ve been eyeing the Coach Cassie for awhile now. I’ve wanted the Pochette Métis in a lighter shade but I’m so worried about color transfer and it’s hard to justify at that price point. I’m still carrying my Coach purse from 1994…so I know they hold up!

  9. Carla Campbell

    Happy New Year .Great video.I can 't wait to get my hands on that razor. .I use a cheap no fragrance hair conditioner to use on my legs.Shaving creams or soap really irritate my skin.I am still an it c.c cream believer.Sometimes I add a few glow drops to it for a dewy look. My guilty t.v pleasure has been The Dublin Murders on HBO.

  10. Ace Hardy


  11. Jess S

    Can you share what brush you use with the mineral veil?

  12. Debra Jarrett

    I have started watching Virgin River on Netflix and love it!! Thanks so much for recommending the AE Jeans and the S&D bag…they are both awesome!!

  13. 1southernmama

    What lip combo is this?! It’s lovely!!

  14. Jennifer Honnell

    Great video!!

  15. Melinda Victorson

    I can not tell you how much I love decompressing with your videos. After a long day working and then doing homework you are such a delight!

  16. Janet's Planet

    Did you Check out Dirty John on Netflix? It's only eight episodes and it's so suspenseful.

  17. Texaschik01

    Loved this video!! What is on your eyes… they look amazing!!

  18. Stephanie G

    I got the Cassie in chalk during a sale and love it. My normal everyday bag is a speedyb25 and the Cassie made me want the pochette metis in empreinte noir, but it does seem silly to spend so much more when a black Cassie has the same vibe. I totally recommend Jack Ryan on Amazon. Great show!

  19. Pride In Photos BEAUTY

    You look wonderful!! The holidays must have been good for you!! We have been binge watching Outlander! I just finished the book 📚 Dear Edward from Jena’s book club. Loved it. 💕👱🏻‍♀️Laurie

  20. Kelly G.

    Your makeup looks amazing!

  21. Debbie Hill

    The Olaplex Oil is great. I put it on prior to drying my hair. Helps as a heat protectant and shine. I love the shampoo and conditioner also. Also number 3 the mask. Have a great evening. Thanks for sharing. I will try the YSL foundation.

  22. Alex H

    My husband and I recently binged Longmire on Netflix. So good!

  23. kelleyhasapis1

    Hey! Thanks for the video. I loved Shameless this year. Have you watched it? It is so binge worthy!

  24. Wanda P

    Great faves! My fave lately has been crystal (glass) nail files. My nails would crack and my polish would chip easily in the past. After using the crystal files they grow without breaking and my polish doesn’t chip as easily. I have been shocked that a nail file would make that much of a difference.

  25. mommykpd

    Loved your make-up today

  26. Cat Woman

    Bosch is a great show! We can hardly wait for the next season.👍🏻

  27. MsKristinn321

    Up until now the Madewell jeans have been my favorite, looks like I need to check the AE Mom jeans. Great favorites! xoxo

  28. wisconsindieter

    I have a wishlist and had put the coach cassie bag on it. Put it on my list after your review. Kind of forgot about it. My husband purchased it for me as a surprise for Christmas. I was surprised, shocked and oh so pleased!! Thanks for your review of this bag!!

  29. Carla UPS Chick

    Me and my daughter love coach anything …. Love your make-up, so pretty!

  30. Pople BackyardFarm

    Miss Crystal thank you for sharng these good quality product with me. New friend Ruthie

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