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  1. Dominique Sachse

    To answer a couple of repeated questions, the eyeglass frames are Balenciaga BA 5020, and the gold sweater is Lauren Ralph Lauren. The gold necklace is by Gorjana. Thanks so much for your comments and the products you’re sharing! 😘

  2. Igflwi67ami4


  3. l jones

    This is YOUR most flattering hair color as well as hair style and make-up to date. It is working for you as well as your gold sweater and nails.

  4. Diane Wilson

    Dominique, thank you for the Plexaderm tip!!

  5. netcatzpj

    How does the Beverly Hills lip product work on the fine lines above the lip? Do you regularly apply it onto that area as well?

  6. Beverly Bzdek-Smith

    Hi Dominique. Just catching up on your videos, thanks again for sharing great beauty finds. I am also an IT Cosmetics foundation user. I would invite you to try Bye Bye Foundation. It contains many of the same ingredients as the CC cream, provides fabulous coverage and sun protection. However, the newly formulated version, which still includes the flex technology, includes Niacinamide, and Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid at a higher level than the CC cream. I have turned several family members into believers in how this foundation makes them look younger and provides sun protection and great coverage all in one.

  7. Claudia Botero

    This hair color is my favourite on you. Gorgeous

  8. Kim Gallagher

    I'm new to your channel and really appreciate all your hard work on the various products you use. I have some questions on face moisturizers. I have seen your videos where you just love the Honeyskin Ultimate face & Body cream and I'm using it now and I do like it. I would like to know if you have tried the CeraVe Moisturizing cream daily face and body moisturizer, or a new one I just came across on Amazon (top 100) LilyAna Naturals Face Cream?  I have a combo skin however in the winter my skin tends to be a bit drier.  Thanks

  9. Donna

    Your hands are so lovely. No dark spots or veins! Is that all natural? Video ideas on how to make hands over 50 look younger!

  10. Pia Wolff

    the newest concealer from tarte is the same formula as the one that you loved. they just changed the look of it 😊😊

  11. Michelle Albanese

    Sorry if this is a dupe question! I couldnt find it below. The Huda lipstick is listed as pink nude, is it the color 'Feminist'? Thank you!! Love all your videos, wish they came out everyday!! 😉

  12. Roxanne Hoffman

    Hello what is the color of the Hudas beauty Demi matte lipstick? Thank you! I just started watching your videos and I’m addicted. You are an amazing woman!

  13. Cookie

    Cacay oil has a much higher vitamin E content than marula oil and is beside rosehip seed oil the best oil to fight wrinkles. I mix grapeseed oil with cacay, rosehip seed, argan and jojoba oil. Avocado oil is great too. You should also always read the ingredients list, claims are not always reflected by the ingredients. The ingredients list has a logic: the ingredient with the highest percentage is written first, going down the list the percentage decreases. When a product has many different types of alcohol in it (this is valid for shampoo as well) it might be better to not use it. Abstaining from drinking alcohol (including wine), smoking and sun exposure will help a lot in staying beautiful and youthful. As for the bioflavonoids or resveratol in grapes, you can either consume grape juice that has just started to ferment or take resveratol capsules. Alcohol ages the cell quicker and is a strain on your liver. Keeping your liver and bowels healthy is important for clear, beautiful skin. Drinking loads of water, green tea (matcha)or water with sisymbrium irio (sold in Iranian or Middle Eastern super markets under the name خاک شیر , khak-e shir) and chia seeds mixed with some saffron and agave syrup will benefit your skin and overall health. Having thick eyebrows makes you appear younger. Put oil on your lashes and eyebrows, ayurvedic oils, amla٫shikakai are very good for hair growth.

  14. E Johnson

    Who says you’re classy?

  15. Leticia Pena

    I love your weekly shows. You are such an inspiration!!! Thank you for the quality of life you present. One question: where can I see the lists of products you recommend??? I cannot find these….

  16. Alan Otter

    Hi I've been watching you for months and I just started to ware eyeshadow again after 20 years am 64 think am to old

  17. Christina Poulsen

    I can not find a good puff pad for my powder. Can you recommend a good big and small one.
    Suggestions for you:
    – “Bioderma sensibio h2o” – is a fantastic non oily makeup remover
    – Ole Henriksen banana bright face primer – a little sun glow to the skin
    – Shu Uemura shampoo and conditioner – just fabulous
    – Shu Uemura cotton usually defining flexible-cream – non greasy styling cream
    – Estée Lauder Daywear multi-protection anti-oxidant sheer tint release moisturizer – same principle as the banana face primer, but different tone
    – L’Occitane pure shea butter – in a small or large can. Fantastic on dry skin like lips, knee or elbows. Leaves moisture and no gloss.

  18. liz sandin

    Hello Dominique, love your tutorials. I have a problem with pores and fine lines, I can see them even after primer and makeup. What can I do?

  19. yoli gonzales

    Hi there great review on current products you are using. In one of your videos, you mention a deodorant called naturally fresh. Are you still with that brand or did you find something better. And if you did we would love to hear from you. Keep on the great work you do in bringing us input on different products. Appreciatea response thank you God Bless.

  20. Chris Abrams

    Thanks for the recommendations. I’ll tell you what’s rocking my world: Hydroxatone Antiaging BB Cream from Costco. Two for $19.00. It is wonderful coverage with SPF 40. It makes my skin come to life. I’m hooked. I have oily skin and this stuff stays put. I also have sensitive skin and this does not cause breakouts like other products with SPF.

  21. Mary Adkison

    Can’t find the list of products 🤦‍♀️

  22. Mary Adkison

    Thanks beautiful 🌹🌹

  23. KonaSitkaRose

    Mahalo, Dominique! This has been a ton of fun!!! I just got a new nail polish which has a subtle gold glitter. After 2 base coats of Seche clear, I gently applied a tiny bit of a 1/2 strip layer of small size microglitter by L.A. Craze "Cocktail" color, followed by two coats of the Seche Vite top coat. So basically my nails are clear, shiny, with a hint of golden glitter along the edges. I'm also exploring the Target Elf line of Eyebrow products. Hope that goes well, but it's a continuous journey of discovery! Thank you for all of your tips and tricks and product reviews!!! I'm taking notes!

  24. Shelly Kline

    I absolutely love your hair in this video….what colors do you use?

  25. Leila Guimaraes

    What a classy,beautiful,elegant and very positive lady…She has so many things to share and does that with such a carisma and competence

  26. Pat Gheen

    Thank you for such an informative video. I was curious about using the Honey moisturizer with Retin A. I struggle with irritation as I try to increase my Retin A usage. Are you saying to mix the Retin A with the Honey moisturizer or just use it over the Retin A?

  27. Joan Baruch

    Hi Dominique. I have been trying to find your video on powder dip manicures. Can you let me know which one it is?

  28. Diane Rosendahl

    Just started watching you on YouTube and love your videos. I wondered if you've heard of or used the brand Crunchi. I've been using the primer and foundation and love them. I'm 71 and have a problem with sagging eye lids, but unfortunately they don't sag enough to hinder my vision, therefore, my insurance won't pay for a lift. Any suggestions?

  29. Nancy Holste

    What is a good product to get rid of brown spots?

  30. Brenda Barraza Bilstad

    Dominique, you inspire and motivate me. I have been watching your vides for a few days now. Not really sure how I discovered them, but I'm glad I did. In three days, I've changed my entire skincare routine from harsh, clinical creams that were drying out my skin to organic, plumping, and good-for-me products. My teen told me this morning that my skin looked radiant! It made me happy. Thank you for sharing with all of us what really works for you, plus giving us behind-the-scenes insights and tips (e.g. I never knew that my false lashes should not go to the end of my outer eyelids — made my eyes look droopy and fat!) . I used to believe gorgeous people on TV only used high-end products (caviar and 24K gold moisturizers!) that real women & moms could never afford, but you're pulling the curtain back on all of that.

    THANK YOU! We are all doing our best and yes, we deserve to learn from bold, blessed women such as you.  

    I would recommend one hair product. Ken Murphy Smoothing Lotion. I'm a brunette and I have naturally wavy hair like yours. I discovered the smoothing lotion in the fall. LA County has had one of its most rainy seasons this year due to El Nino. But thanks to this product, I am ready to take on the weather. I dab this lotion on my wet hair and then I'll let it dry naturally. It gives most soft, manageable curls. I then use very fat barrel hot curlers and set my hair. When I take the curlers off, my hair is full, bouncy, but not curly, just lots of vavoom body! If I choose to blow dry my hair the lotion helps make it soft, clean, and not frizzy. Ken Murphy has an entire "Smooth" line, but I find that using the shampoo and conditioner is just too much for me. Just try the smoothing lotion. And yes, you can dab it on your bangs and it won't weigh them down! 🙂  
    Finally, what treatments do you get at your dermatologist's office? I'm considering IPL treatments, but not sure if I should just yet. I'm 46 and just beginning to see hyperpigmentation spots grow.
    Thank you for your time, your beauty insights, your honesty, and your fun-to-watch videos. I NEVER get bored.

  31. Jill Jaynes

    I really enjoy your channel! Wondering if you have links to these products? Where do you typically get your skin care and makeup items?

  32. Teresa Branson

    How do you know if your warm or cool tones?

  33. 4tun8nanette

    I loved the feeling of HoneySkin but I can't use it on my face. It created acne and I'm over 50 and don't get acne anymore. I was so sad. Using the remainder on my hands.


    I love all your styles.

  35. Dolly Mandel

    Thanks 4 your recommendation of all the products u use!!

  36. Lori Sutton

    I’ve just tried Juice Beauty primer and foundation recently for the first time. I’m really liking them, check them out! Thank you for sharing your products. I’m going to give a few of them a try.

  37. MUM

    Thank you Dominiche for your recommendations & advice : my girlfriends and me are following you videos from England! W think you are great

  38. Genie Tillery

    Thank you for this. I'm very interested in the honeyskin and the CC cream.

  39. MaryAnne P

    My wonderful sister-in-law turned me on to your videos Dominique and I’m so very grateful. Thank you Dr Fina! I love your recommendations and agree that the IT Cosmetics CC+ foundation is the best. I also love LaRoche-Posay Effaclar BB Blur as a primer. It absorbs instantly and has a mousse like consistency with an SPF 20 to boot. I use the fair/medium shade and I keep coming back to it.

  40. M Rodrigues

    You are beautiful and always in a good mood. Love your films and ideas. 🥰

  41. Nicole Guenette

    You mentioned the Laura Mercier translucent powder but are you still using the Face Atelier also?

  42. Sue G

    Hi Dominique, I just recently found your channel and have to say I just love all your tips!! You are a beautiful woman! I will be 53 and really enjoy your techniques and showing of products!! I am wondering if you would be willing to share your BRUSH application techniques of eye shadow as I have a really hard time applying shadow so that it looks strategically placed as to benefit eye shape, etc., without looking like a mess and thus providing the best overall appearance. I find that I end up with eye shadow all over the place as well as fallout all over my cheeks. Thanks so much!!

  43. Angelica M.

    Good Afternoon Dominique, can you do a tutorial for oil eyelid to prevent ruin your eye shadow
    Thank you
    Angelica M

  44. angel baha

    Oh my God you are so beautiful 😍

  45. sharon delly

    Love, love, love all your tutorials. You are truly a beautiful person inside and out. So genuine! I wonder if you have ever shared information about the brushes you use and how to clean them.
    Sharon from California.

  46. lovly 2cu

    I use PTR(Peter Thomas Roth) FirmX under eye-similar to Plexaderm, and PTR time release retinol- does not iritate

  47. Bettie Fleming

    What brand glasses do you have on? Any specifics would be helpful. Thank you 🙂

  48. Nancy Anne Martin

    Dominique, would you consider doing a tutorial using blue shadow? It's so pretty, but so hard to wear and do without either looking like I am wither trying to throw back to the 70's or like I got punched in both eyes.

  49. Sue Mitchell

    The Ordinary 100% Cold Pressed Marula oil is a great product at a fraction of the price.

  50. carmelcornr

    Where can I buy the Bryte Exfoliating Cleanser? Cannot find it anywhere except Bryte's website.

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