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  1. Watermelon Gal

    Amazing products for 2019! Thanks for sharing these with us Sarah!

  2. Nelson Quinney

    Good Are Great Video Sarah

  3. Jenna Woodard

    So the pieces won’t be the ones on the website? I’m asking so I don’t get receive the same things I already have.

  4. Tiffany Rodriguez

    Thank you for all the products. I have forgotten some of them and need to bring them back out and use them.

  5. Leslie Einhaus

    Good luck with your jewelry subscription box, Sarah! 😊🎉📿📫

  6. Kimberlee M

    Just order my subbie box lol….looking forward to trying that lash serum if it ever comes back in stock. Also interested in that mask but I need to finish like 3 of the ones I already have before I buy anymore masks. I’m definitely using alot of the products I already have before buying more this year.

  7. Leanne Coronado

    Anxiously awaiting the lip mask to come in the mail. Can’t wait to give a try and thank you for the review on it!! I also purchased the Eye curler with Ulta rewards and I am happy with my choice. Again both items I purchased on your recommendation, so thank you again for always doing very detailed reviews. 😊😊

  8. Kateryna Poe

    I tried Shiseido eyelash curler and it didn’t work fir me. It’s just didn’t do anything. I had to return it

  9. Yvette Sato

    Great favorites! I have not tried the Hourglass mascara….hummm heading to Sephora website now lol 🙂

  10. Bethany Edmonds

    If you add a few drops of nourishing oil in your mascara it keeps it from drying out so quickly. I use the rejuvenique oil from Monat in my mascara.

  11. Alena Andrews

    My husband love the lip mask. I have to put in on him every night. lol

  12. Najette Roberts

    You have to try innisfree my lip balms. I have the sky vanilla tea and mint Earl grey. So so pretty and feel amazing. The blue color turns to the prettiest pink blush color once melts into your lips. I love bare minerals blurred blush in blurred buff. So pretty. Love lash paradise. Also the essence molten chrome eyeshadow is fabulous if you like shimmer or glittery looks especially for only $3. I love amika hair care products for curly hair. But they have just fabulous stuff. Loved this video. Love how excited you get over your favs. Have a great weekend!!!

  13. Ginny Burley

    I love that the Marc Jacobs bronzer is also available in a deeper shade (I think it’s Tantalize) that I got this year and really have enjoyed this year. I got those two blushes this year and really love them.

  14. Nancy Hope-Landon

    I love my Billie and won't ever switch again. The Buxom Blush is on my list although each time I open my vanity drawer where my blushes are stored (all 5 million of them) I just can't justify another blush.

  15. Phaedra Keilhauer

    I hear you on the pinching eyelash curlers. So painful. I am definitely going to pick up your recommendation, thank you

  16. Gabriel le

    No palettes ?

  17. Playing with a purpose

    Love your nail polish! What brand/colour is it?

  18. Anne Humphries

    Seriously y’all get the jewelry she makes! I just got her starburst necklace and have been wearing it everyday! It’s beautiful. Thank you Sarah. I love your channel and your jewelry!

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