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  1. TheSimsChallenges

    I like these videos, it helps being able to save a buck!

  2. Skylar Brooke

    i loveeee watching your beauty videos as i’m getting ready haha ♥️♥️♥️

  3. jay the gay

    I have the cat makeup bag and it cost me $2 with shipping on amazon

  4. Meggen Wolfe

    I loved this video, I always love to find a good dupe for products because some of the originals are to much money

  5. Plan With Me

    Literally all are sold out always, I've tried for two months now….dont waste your time

  6. Chopperdoll

    Great video

  7. Caroline Mickle

    Loved this video!!!

  8. Mazia Maquelle

    I liked this video 🙂

  9. Bruna

    Woow u look so good here

  10. Lexi Unicorn

    great find! i hope they ship to the uk! make up revolution have some great dupes here, but these look ace too. Looking like cake btw <3

  11. shani fried

    Can you make a tutorial for your look right now, gurllll you look fabbbbbbb

  12. Miranda Turnbull

    What lipstick is she wearing I need it 😫

  13. Kayy M


  14. sanela mari

    I shop from the website too! And love it!!

  15. Baylee Fechter

    Love this dupe video!!!❤️

  16. Laura Kamp

    I love videos like this one

  17. AuntySarah2012

    Hi channon! So I finally decided to give lime crime velvetines a try but am having a hard time choosing a color. Which are your favorite colors? And would you be willing to do a lip swatch video? Or do a video dedicated to your favorite lip products? Thanks 🙂 I hope you are doing well xoxo

  18. Samantha Moloney

    Great video channon as always!! Also loving the Xmas tree 🌲 in the background and your nails. Hugs 🤗 from Ireland 🇮🇪 xx

  19. Sandy Reischer

    This feels like a sponsored video… am I the only one who felt that way?

  20. Georgia Battersby-Hill

    I feel like there's a bit of a difference between a good dupe for a palette and just a straight up rip-off of a brand…

  21. Kels Reyes

    So glad you posted this! Very helpful

  22. Michelle B

    "Formulation" 😂hahaaahaha lol love you Channon! Good video!💗👍

  23. Liz DiGilarmo

    I will most def be buying some of the dupes! ESP because it’s around the holidays and money is tight! Thanks Channon!!

  24. Sara Plante

    Please try them all out and let us know how the palettes are which blended well and stayed pigmented or if its not even worth buying cause It would be amazing if it was a decent formula

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