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  1. Monica Mickschl

    Morning beautiful 😊Have you tried the highlight pallet from Pixie??? I love it!

  2. numtwelve12

    You need to try the believe beauty brand! Their highlighter is awesome, just like everything else.

  3. Bethany Diaz

    What about jeffree star extreme highlighter now THATS pigmented

  4. Rimple kaur

    Could you please mention the lip color on your lips…. It's insanely gorgeous 😍

  5. Henschke007

    I'm tempted to get your highlight pallet. Not to use as a highlighter, but on my eyes as an eye shadow. Would that work?

  6. Misty Parsons

    All such beautiful highlighters!!😱🤩🤤✨
    Thank you for sharing your favorites with us!! Hope you had an amazing weekend. Love you, Nikkia!!💖😘 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  7. Haram Idrees

    I have requested you soo many time to please post review on makeup revolution’s baking powders please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🥺🥺🥺

  8. clairebare7

    Just hit pan on the Focallure highlighter you mentioned. Bought it after you reviewed it. Looks amazing!! 😍

  9. Vania Lerma

    Please try Scott Barnes new make up palettes

  10. Keeli Papadopoulos

    would love to hear ur fav eyeshadow palettes

  11. makeupbysheduly

    Loving the best of 2019 series❤ Keep creating, be happy and stay blessed!! ❤
    P.S. notificationsquad!

  12. Carla Eades

    Blissful is my fav too! Second fav is probably glow goals tied with ABHxAmrezy, Yours look beautiful too! ❤️❤️

  13. virgismar

    " you guys know I have textured skin" looks flawless on Facebook and Youtube

  14. Britt

    The Coty Airspun highlight is AMAZING. Lasts all day too!

  15. Rebecca Foster

    Would love to know what lipstick it is you are wearing

    Love the video ❤️

  16. Ana GhA

    Pls do the best makeup brushes of 2019!!!

  17. Kirsten Welch

    Love all the highlights 😍💕

  18. Alexis

    I love the fenty diamond one too! It's sooooo good! 😍😍

  19. GlamOhRus

    Your highlighter looks beautiful. I wish I could use it, but my skin doesn't handle phenoxyethanol well. 😪

  20. Kat Rinehard

    You look beautiful as always! This lipstick is absolutely stunning on you!

  21. Andi

    Great video ❤️ …Nikkia… random question, do you derma roll? I’ve just bought one and am freaking out about using it for the first time. I’ve bought products that you’ve recommended in the past a lot and have not been disappointed. BTW ❤️ from New Zealand

  22. Polar Belle

    Nikki what are you doing to help the Aussie fires as an Australian influencer?

  23. jackie reinstedler

    Lunar Beauty!! Looks beautiful on my daughter:)

  24. Jennifer Maldonado

    Your highlighters are so GORGEOUS and beautiful I can’t even!!! Love all of your products, everything is amazing! 💕💕 I bought pretty much all of these highlighters based on your recommendations and I love them all!! Still to this day I love the Amrezy highlighter and Benefit cookie, the Dior backstage palette vol 1. 💋

  25. hdnelson2003

    Pronunciation alert:

  26. Stephanie Crutchfield

    Omg…tht lip u have on is a beautiful..are u giving us the name?.Its like so many ppl waiting for the name..do u read ur comments at all?

  27. RareBeautyEnvy

    I’m going to have to totally try your brand because it looks like i am missing out

  28. Laena Kelly

    I have the Ofra highlighter -Blissful its my favorite all time one I love to use

  29. lauren skubish

    I'm surprised you didnt mention the pixi duo everyone is mentioning.

  30. Lolita Ismanovska

    What lipsick is she wearing and eyelashes? Anyone know

  31. Lily Anderson

    The Maybelline highlight in rose gold is my favorite and also perfectly Posh liquid highlight

  32. Dee


  33. darlosmurf

    Would love to try your products and wondering if you're planning to sell through any UK websites? Have asked this a few times and am hoping you'll be able to make it easier for us in the UK.

  34. Patti 1962

    I am most excited about the Focallure glow palette… I am fair so the one called Capri Coast & Jasmine (02). (For fair skin). I am an older subscriber and need just a light "glow" from a highlighter. I use Elf's baked highlighter in Moonlight Pearls.
    Nikkia, could you review some of the lip products from Focallure? I am most interested in the "Chocolate" line that seems to be a more wearable matte lipstick. BTW, many of the products on the website are on SALE!

  35. Rianne Barreto

    That bh cosmetics low-key kinda looks like a dupe for your own pallette.

  36. Catherine Greentree

    I’m a pale pale pale girl, so I wear Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector Powder Highlighter in Moonstone. Pricey but lasts ages and looks flawless even when I’m in a hurry.

  37. Ella Morrison

    Nikkia your energy and enthusiasm is so contagious! I love Mac double gleam, nars Capri and Too faced blinded by the light! Must haves for fair skin

  38. Olivia Gordon

    Love all those highlighters!
    Please review liquid highlighters this yr any brand!

  39. Bobbie Loves Beauty

    I cannot wait to get the bundle I purchased from you’re brand. I cannot wait. I broke my no buy for it totally worth it. I love ur channel Nikkia I hardly comment but thanks for all the tips and tutorials. You show real life close up and I appreciate that as an aging young woman with acne. Ur tips have saved my confidence in covering up thing I don’t want seen. 💕💕love ya girl. 😊🥰

  40. Timothy Sherrey Ehler

    Thinking of you all as your country has to fight such massively intense, and, deadly fires, Nikkia. Some of our fire fighters are over helping to tackle the fires with your firefighters. The loss just breaks my heart.Stay safe, Sweetie, and I'm sending my Canadian love, hugs, and best wishes, Sherrey💘💟💘

  41. Susan Graves


  42. Elaine Bines

    Thank you for the swatches 👍🏻

  43. My Life

    Off topic. How are you doing over there with the fires?

  44. Prabha Mishra

    Did I comment that you are stunning and amazing!! Love you energy and content!!

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