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  1. Crystal Killgo

    Love you tati!!

  2. nini aly

    Much respect for Tati for mentioning Jaclyn's highlighters in the video! Now Jaclyn is convinced to send her PR box to Tati ? Hope Jaclyn remembers Tati inn her good times too 😒

  3. Shelley Burse

    Thank you tati for the update. I did preorder a pallete and was starting to worry if I would get it. So thank you for the reassurance that it's still coming. I'm so excited!

  4. Jessica Singleton

    Good hair day much?!?!?

  5. tiffany martinez

    Have you tried the E.l.f cosmetics liquid glitter eyeshadows?? Can you please do a review on them??!!?? Looking for affordable liquid glitter eyeshadows!! 🥰

  6. Candace Collins

    Good for you, Tati. So happy for your success. That is the way to end a decade

  7. Iris Thoma

    Sometimes when my mom sends me stuff for my birthday the card means more then the actual gift ( like your a blessing and I love you it actually says all that and it makes me so happy 😀

  8. Carly Williams

    You’ve changed.

  9. Syl Christensen - Health Coach

    I loved this and so love the storytelling you do that woven in. Thanks Tati!

  10. meggethann

    I’m so glad the Tati beauty makeup palette will be back permanently. Any idea when the ordering will open up again?

  11. Misty Parsons

    I’m super pumped for your next product launch..cannot wait to see what it is!!😆😬🙌🏻 This was such a great gift guide..a lot of amazing goodies!! Glad you had an amazing two weeks off and spent it with family and people you love!! Happy Holidays!! Love you, Tati!!💜😘 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo 😇🥝🦋

  12. Preetika k

    Why is tati so cringe today😫

  13. crissys2angels

    I ordered the pallette, I got charged a tax I should not have been charged. Your customer support was amazing and got back to me very fast and refunded the incorrect tax. Your people are doing a great job. Can't wait to get the shadows!!!!

  14. Carla Souza

    Aquarius to the win!

  15. Skey Smeth

    Can someone make a compilation of Tati saying “juices up the (lips, skin, etc)” because there is not a video where she doesn’t say it at least once 😂

  16. RH0604

    I'm sad to hear you're only going to film 2 days per week 🙁

  17. neejoy sola

    “Stressed out glamorous” lmao too relatable

  18. crissys2angels

    I love my comfy! Just bought my kids each one!

  19. Erin Tolva

    I need Tati tutorials using her palette. I feel like I’m not doing it justice and it’s beautiful but my skills need work (and instruction!)

  20. Laura Koscinski

    Love when you're on Instagram if you're not uploading as much here!! 🙂

  21. Aoife Otoole

    I can't wait to recieve my Textured Neutrals palatte in the post 😍😍❤❤

  22. Fairysparkl1

    what is your shadow plzzzzz. I need that sparkly shadow in my life 😉

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