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  1. Lisa Bafundo

    You look fantastic Tammy😀

  2. cpgde

    I must admit that in the last month or so I have unsubscribed from many of the channels I used to watch. There are so many reasons I stay with your channel. Right out of the gate, I don’t have sit through 2 minutes of music intro, scenery shots or any other elaborate intro. Thank you for that. My biggest reason for staying with your channel is that I learn something new in each one. Just today, by listening to you talk about foundations, it finally dawned on me (duh!) the reason some made my skin look so dry is because they are a 16 or 18 hour foundation. Just like the all day liquid lipsticks dry my lips, why wouldn’t the all day foundation do the same. I cannot believe I never put that together until I listened to you today.
    I love the cooking videos, I love when you talk about Harlee and Lula, I love your clothing videos and of course, the book videos. There are so many brands and products that I didn’t even know existed. My hair has never looked as silky and luxurious as it does now, again, because of products you suggested especially the Moroccan Oil products. My hair has always been on the coarse side and frizzy but not anymore.
    Your personality, your honesty are just a few more reasons why I not only stay subscribed to your channel, but look forward to each and every video.
    My wish for you and your family in 2020, is much love, happiness and good health. Take care – Barbara

  3. bella rosa

    Hi Tammy! Happy New Years! Loving this video! One of my favorites from last year was the Sephora lip liners. You don’t have to sharpen them and they are perfect for filling in or lining the outsides of your lips.

  4. Catherine Montalbano-Harris

    I’m always confused as to if I am a warm or cooler tone. I usually opt for a light neutral foundation but I can’t help but think that since I have olive toned skin I might be better off with a warmer color. HELP !!!

  5. Catherine Montalbano-Harris

    I eagerly await your end of year favorites. It often reminds me of something that I wanted to try but forgot about it in the midst of all the palettes that are launched at the same time. #menopausalbrainfart. I had forgotten about the Revlon pink primer until you mentioned it again. I really forgot how nice it really is. Thanks girlfriend you da bomb!!! Lol
    Would you consider doing a video touching on your surprises in products for 2019? The products that you weren’t expecting to love but do in high end and drugstore products.
    I think a lot of younger girls are applying their makeup that was taken from the drag community. I also think it’s not necessary for every day. The drag world is performing and the goal is to transform men to look like women. I have had many conversations with my sons partner who is a drag performer. I’m hoping that I won’t get dragged in this comment section because I have nothing but love for this community of beautiful people.


    This year I rediscovered some of my old favorites from Lancôme. I also bought a beautiful travel palette from It Cosmetics. It has everything in it except for brushes which is fine because I rarely use any brushes that come in palettes. I did buy a few brushes from It Cosmetics and I like them soft and no shedding. This crazy lady had over 40 lip liners before the purge! 😆 I'm down to 12 but for years I've reached for Milani Nude or Natural the most often. They manage to go with most every lipstick so I always keep one in my purse. I tried way too many products again this year which is why the purge boxes were so big. My name is Susie and I'm a makeup/skincare/perfume/nail polish addict. Lets not get into purses or accessories that meeting is on a different night. 😁😁

  7. Ranalynn’s Lifestyle & Beauty

    Thank you 🙏 Tammy. You always give us excellent recommendations for mature skin.

  8. cherries1952

    You look fantastic! Thank you for linking everything. It will be like a master list of beauty. Have a very Happy New Year. Bisous, Lucy

  9. Rose S.

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful recommendations. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into your videos. I swear you are aging backwards. Every time I watch a video I just keep thinking wow she is so fabulous.

  10. Sue Miller

    Ahhh yes- those squirrely white brow hairs…they’re WILD 🤪🤪🤪

  11. mcomeslast

    I’m using up a small tatcha primer for the same thing. Just trying to camouflage the pores. I’m moving away from full foundation. I have oily skin and am moving more towards tinted moisturizers with a touch of foundation on a few spots. Right now I’m focusing on my skin care so I can see what I need to tweak in the southern humidity.

  12. Debbie Lee

    Excellent video Tammy! ❤

  13. Kate Kingston

    As soon as this is available in Australia, i am getting the Lumi

  14. WackyWardWoman

    Tammy you have the most perfect brow. For us brow deprived girls do us all a great favor and do a brow tutorial plzzzzzzz ❤️

  15. Tammy Roy

    Happy New Year Tammy🥂🍾🥳
    So many wonderful new things to try:) Thank you so much for sharing all of this scrumptiousness 🥰
    You are so beautiful and classy – head to toe – inside and out! Here’s to a wonderful 2020.
    Xo Tammy Roy 🇨🇦

  16. valentina

    Tammy, I absolutely love your gold o ring on your middle finger. I want one!

  17. Shannon Herrod Ratliff

    Please, please do a makeup tutorial on your look in this video. It is so pretty!

  18. RockiDreams

    Enjoyed this video immensely. A true high end/budget friendly video and what I love most about that is that we see you using the budget friendly makeup and brushes all the time as well as the high end. Big difference for me. Do you have a favorite with tinted moisturizers or will that be in your skincare video? Sometimes I just like to be able to kind of "slap" something on so I don't scare the heck out of people.

  19. Mary Nester

    Thanks Tammy for sharing. I have to check out that brush cleaner. Oh, your sound wasn't as loud as usual.

  20. Sandy Smith

    Have you tried Mirabella cc creme? I love GA luminous silk as well, but this really surprised me and you can buy it at your Pro beauty supply

  21. Ma B

    Hi Tammy! I’m new here! Thank you for this video! Very thorough👍🏻. You are gorgeous! I’m going to binge watch ur other videos now 👋🏻.

  22. Alicia Bush

    Thank you for your videos. You are one I always look for when I log onto YouTube. I trust your opinions. ( I also have the fan. I take it with me throughout the house) 🙂 lol I hope the hot flashes end sooooooooon!

  23. Mary Karen

    Thanks Tammy. Being in my 50's with very dry skin, I look to you for your recommendations. It saves me so much time.

  24. Sarah Sarah

    I just found your channel because I was looking for hair care tips, and I love your videos! I will be purchasing some of your recommendations from this video like the fitglow lip glosses, I’m excited to try them. I am nearing 40 and have problems with thin hair and hair loss, though I have long hair almost like yours. Would you consider doing more haircare videos? I loved your older videos showing tips for hot rollers, etc

  25. Coco kay

    Hi Miss Tammy thanks for the video. Do you have urgent help for me. My skin has sooo many new and old blemishes and I am hoping you have a solution for me please.

  26. Katherine Desrochers

    I'm so disappointed in the discontinuation of NARS Via Appia as well. I just started using Marc Jacobs highliner gel eye crayon in (48) Rio(cocoa). The closest to that beautiful copper we love. Give it a try I highly recommend it as a replacement. I'm on my second! Let me know what you think! Love your videos!

  27. Pajama Mama

    I'm wondering about those eye drops. Can they be used an hour before putting in contact lenses? I'm really excited to try them. Maybe I missed the info in the description Box about those?

  28. Gracie Amen

    Absolutely my fav beauty influencer! This video is awesome! Tammy, thank you for all you do for us mature ladies! 💋💋💋

  29. Andrea Johnson

    Thoroughly enjoyed this! (Tell Lou thanks for making an appearance this year on social media! 😊)

  30. MaMaHall

    Thank you for this video. I need that Anastasia brow gel. At 65 my brows are starting to get white and wild.

  31. Mariane Culek

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 strong like bull!!!!! Ooooo satin finish shadows! I have been searching for some!

  32. Patti

    I loved this video as I do with all your others! We are the same exact age within a couple of days apart and I am also very dry. I have been watching you for years and have purchased many products, clothes and shoes based on your recommendations, thank you, thank you!! I also wish CT would come out with single bronzers. I also do not use the highlighter and it’s costly for just the bronzer😫 Happy New Year to you, Lou and your fur babies!!!

  33. linda dee

    Hey Tammy :-)) A great mix of bests :-)) I love the Milani Prep+Set & Glow powder. Its lovely on my skin. oxoxox

  34. Denise Plourde

    I like your question what is my favourite for 2019, it does made me pause and check what I am using the most… So Guerlain foundation, Hourglass brilliant strobe light, YSL matte stain #3 for summer, rouge volupté shine #48. Chanel mascara and correcteur in rose, tinted brow gel in caramel and the dipbrow gel. Ok I am done. ❤️

  35. Joyce Susan

    Tammy, where do you buy the eye drops. Can you buy them at a pharmacy or can you only buy them from an optometrist?

  36. Richard Tate

    I am a greasy hot mess in Hawaii’s humidity so still haven’t found a nice foundation. I spend an hour doing my makeup and it’s melted off by the time I get to the car. One setting spray that I’ve tried recently that has helped is the Morphe continuous spray. Its really good. Love ya and the video! Shani 🙂

  37. Susan Moore

    All wonderful products, I am really fond of the Face sponge and I just ordered a couple BK beauty brushes yesterday and can’t wait to try them. Looking forward to you skin care favorites..that will be fun to see…much love and hope you are enjoying the warm winter you are having sis.xoxo

  38. Lynn Rose

    I just love your channel. Thanks for the link for Lumify. I love that little black fan. I've had mine for many months. I'm a big fan of the Anastasia brow wiz. I have tried many eyebrow pencils and this is by far the best. I consider you to be my go to person for product recommendations. Edited to add: After you mentioned the Londontown products, I have bought several things. It's the only brand I use.

  39. Gigi 99

    I always find something new with you. Going to Sally"s to get that Goddess bronzer/blush! I love the Milani pallettes and blushes too. Thanks Tammy! Hope you are enjoying Florida 💐☀️

  40. Christine Flick

    Are you spending more time than usual in Florida?

  41. Gayla L.

    PERFECT!! This is one of my fav!! Thank you!!

  42. Hayfa Barash

    Tammy I bought the NARS eye liner I only used it two times but drying on me

  43. monica Baker33

    I just love when I finish my makeup and a hot flash melts it off!!

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