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  1. Joan Kim

    It's been a LONG time since I uploaded on my main channel. Thanks for waiting!!

    Also, I've been reading a lot of comments about my cream. I wanted to answer the FAQs here:
    1. We will restock the cream very soon! 2. It's available online only.

    Thanks for all the support 💚💜

  2. 泡菜小

    I fell asleep and woke up to this. Is this fate? :O

  3. quiet rebel

    Edward's highlight btw – uh my gawddddddd snatched

  4. Huber Hardin

    Thank God

  5. Molly

    Am I the only one who finds it disturbing when they say that a product is expensive but just to show us how it looks they put it all over their hand? Like no, please don’t use it, it’s gold, you don’t have to do it for the viewers. Save it Haha

  6. deone grizzle


  7. ykrml

    Interesting concept to be getting skincare tips by someone who can’t even match his fundation to his shade

  8. GormlessKnight

    The two of you are my skin saviors! The Neogen Cica cleanser has improved my skin so much in just a few weeks and the Tarte knockout stuff made my pores disappear like magic. I look forward to next years video. And thank you for the recommendations! 👍

  9. Kim Yanica Guillera

    Hi! It was my first time watching your channel and I liked your videos. Just wanna ask where can I buy your cream and other products specially drunkelephant, troiareuke, and neogen? 🙂 planning to buy it once I visit Korea again 🙂

  10. C S

    Why do you guys feel like so shy lol

  11. Amara Mendoza

    0:50 Edward’s laugh and face! 🤪😂

  12. Alicia G


  13. Pinky Mishra

    South Korea is skincare and cosmetics heaven.

  14. kaaat

    can’t wait for 2019

  15. SkinCareProve

    Great looking video content. Presume you did a great deal of your very own coding.

  16. yeppeun

    can i use micellar water as a toner? i hope you respond…

  17. Alexis Jeon

    Face massage video pls

  18. Azyan Rosley

    I love how you guys used a few korean words here and there! And I love it even more that I know some of those words. ❤❤❤

  19. Mocca Chic

    I’ve watched it twice and still informative!
    Thanks for this wonderful and insightful video. I have the same skin type with you Joan and it has been a long journey to find the right skin care products . Because of your video, I switch into Korean skin product. The result? It’s amazing and worth to try. I’m using your moisturiser now #NeogenVitaduocreamJoanDayJoanNight.
    I love the day cream and for night cream I have to apply twice for my skin type. Overall, the moisturiser really great on my skin. Thanks Joan!
    I bought Neogen Joan day/night cream from NudieGlow, just in case those who live in Australia want to buy Korean skin care in based in Australia.

  20. Maria Trujillo3030


  21. Bridget White

    So glad I found you and your channel. Thank you!

  22. StuffyGamer

    Innisfree is so overpriced abroad

  23. Mira Parker

    So cool seeing Stephanie Nicole mentioned. Definitely try the original P50 lotion that Tarte duped too. I also love the Skin Actives Alpha Beta Exfoliant as a weekly mask, more hydrating and gentle than the Drunk Elephant Sakura BabyFacial.

  24. YunniTennisMom

    Enjoy watching both Joan and Edward talking about skin care through using Korean beauty product. The moment I finished watching, I become a fan, and went to sokoglam.com buying several highly recommended products to try out. However, NeoGen Joan-cream day and night duo is out of stock; so I had to buy it from Amazon. One question is about a dark blue facial tool which Eddie was raving about it. Where can I buy it online? Can you also dedicate a video about beauty tools which help to erase fine lines and wrinkles and to keep face in V shape. Thanks a lot!


    try Tatcha c violet vit c it blows drunk elephant out of the waterthe drunk elephant vit c isnt stable or it wouldnt turn or smell like hot dog water

  26. TheKiddSocks

    Odd thing to mention but I wanted to say that I love the snippets of your native language scattered through. I cannot understand it but I find it very relaxing to hear. X

  27. Adriana VL

    Haven't seen cosrx products lately.

  28. BM0714

    Micelar water counts as a Toner? Can it be used for the 7 skin method? So as the rose water

  29. Deep Cris

    Any can tell me this are avaible in any country

  30. Karma Wangchuk

    Hahaha… girlish

  31. Sara S

    amazing video.

  32. Andrea Jeanne

    i have acne prone skin but my skin doesn't react well to green tea/tea tree,instead it breaks me out even more:-(

  33. Professor Q

    Been waiting for this yeee. Pls do the massage video

  34. makeupsaddict 08

    You guys always nailed the Korean Beauty and Skincare. The best ever!!! 🌟🌟🌟

  35. Lim Sky

    Do u have any recommendation to clear tiny bumps like milia. I had it under eye area and between eyebrows. It’s not like pimple but just stubborn mini bumps located between eye brow and around lips

  36. tangtaag thoj

    Omg!!! Thank you guys so much!! I am going to try all these products out!! So AWESEOME!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  37. Beige Ricaforte

    My Clean it zero balm is about to be finished and I'm wanting to try cleansing oil. This video is just perfect!

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